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02 Oct : 13:46

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semena.jpgAlready ripe seeds of many flowers and the time comes to make stocks to your garden blossom and coming summer. Use the dry end of days, because the slightest moisture will cause of mold. Florists with expertise in horticulture harvested seeds spread on newspaper or paper in a few days to ensure that they are completely dry. Only then stow them in paper bags, or gauze. Important is the temperature at which it will store them - do not fall below 10.12 degrees, but not to exceed 35 degrees, and because the infusion will cause mold.

Please necessarily notice or tag on each packet - is likely to forget to look how the spring the seeds of various flowers, especially if you have a new species. It is good to collect seeds in flowers - spring, you may wish to group the flowers in colors such foresight and will, we benefit. This is especially true ruzhi to pine for petuniite.

Bloom of some species, such as daisies, nasturtium, violets is so long and their seeds can be collected over 3-4 days until their overblown. Some seeds are collected in wax maturity and dozryavat about 30-40 days after that - it is in Nezabravka daisies, dog.

Rights are those who argue that the seeds of self-grown plants provide better quality seedlings purchased. The explanation is simple - the flowers are already adapted to the specific conditions in your garden or terrace /, which makes them more resistant than kupeshkite.

Category: Specialist advice

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