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Wild flowers at home

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02 Oct : 17:24

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laika.jpgWild mint, yarrow, mullein, clematis, ox-eye, clover blossom, wake robin ... - These and many wild flowers and herbs are increasingly used for flower arrangements. Moreover, the presence of divachetata is hardly an optional "accessory" and even bouquets, prepared for the most solemn and cases provided for visochayshi persona.

Clearing, roadside ditches, spaces between the blocks, overgrown with grass and weeds, lie beautiful natural creations grown freely and challenging and the most unexpected places. Their selections of unspoiled beauty remains hidden for many, accustomed to looking for the beauty of the flowers only flower shop. On the other hand, moved to the room environment and placed in a suitable container, their fascinating beauty blooms.

All compositions can run them themselves, enriching them with twigs and vegetation on your taste. Consider the vases and dishes available - wild flowers look attractive and the most unpretentious bowls, salatieri, even in jars. Combine plants by color, but if you want - according to them and hanging on the table or furniture in the room.

Do not be discouraged if it appears that the selected flowers or part of them wilt quickly. Some have really short life, but the white yarrow, wild briar, flowering clover, clematis, wild mint and how many others are very durable. Try to put a spoonful of sugar in the water - it often helps to prolong its duration. Furthermore, when we pick, pick with more branches and then, half-open buds.

Category: Specialist advice

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