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Azalea indica ( Rhododendron )

Category: Decorative flowering

14 Jul : 13:38

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It's amazing for decorative and duration of flowering bushy plant. Blooms in summer and winter.
For several centuries, attempts were made to be carried from her homeland - the island of Java, but could not withstand the new conditions of life in Europe. Only in 1808 Uelbank captain brings a rich flowering shrub of India and submit it in a botanical garden not far from London. Thereof, through selection and hybridization with different types of rhododendron in different countries, came countless number of azalea.
Hybrid varieties are grown for their beautiful flowers which are bell shaped and situated on top of the branches. They can be simple or decoration and are dyed in a variety of soft tones. More common varieties are:
Pax - early blooming with white flowers
Niobe - late blooming with white flowers
Madame Mestagh - early blooming with pink flowers
Hollandia - average earlier flowering with large pink flowers
Vervaeneana rubra - average earlier flowering with large red flowers
There is also a dark purple and mottled colors.
Flowering rhododendron continue to infect our imagination every year. The garden scene these wonderful shrubs perform two roles - to their magnificent colors decorate the courtyard at the beginning, then dark green leaves form the background of the flowers that export performance during the summer and autumn. If you can answer all the requirements of rhododendron, many years to enjoy its magnificent blooms.

In translation from Greek means pink rhododendron tree. You would hardly find a more accurate name for this flowering shrub. In the spring, when the dark green branches of the rhododendron is decorated with big flowers, this is an event to remember for long. In this respect, rhododendron are not equal to themselves. No other evergreen garden shrub is not capable of such an explosion of colors. But this is far from his only advantage. Rododendronat can be grown successfully not only in the big yard, but in a small garden, where he provided the necessary conditions.
It does not and can not grow without plenty of air and soil moisture. His need of moisture can be measured only by that of ferns. While ferns grow in moist, but warm tropical places, it rododendronat also requires moisture and cool air.
In our country under natural conditions of freedom grows in Strandja Mountains. Local people call it periwinkle because of its evergreen leaves. Requirements of soil moisture are needed because of the shallow root system that branches near the surface. Besides requiring that soil moisture, it should always be razrohkva, is rich in humus and mixed with a leaflet. If the soil is clay, it can be lightened by adding sand and enriched with manure and burnt leaflet. Air humidity, if scarce in the garden, frequent irrigation of the whole plant in the early morning need to compensate. Separate place in the garden of rhododendron to be in the shade. Shadow can provide him with a dense hardwood oblistena korona.Azaliyata requires a cool (16-17 °), but the bright spot, kept the direct sun, regular irrigation and feeding. Soil must be acidic in reaction - pH 4 - 4,5, preferably pine or peat. Young plants to transplant each year, and older - 2 - 3 years in low and wide sadove.Razmnozhava predominantly by cuttings, which root and growing for 2-3 years before flowering is difficult at home. Therefore it is recommended to obtain plants with thick, regular crown, fresh leaves and flower buds well formed.
In good growing azalea can you happy with your color longer godini.Ne prepolivayte it and let it be zasushava! To maximize flowering for the period from February to July and August at three times cut top buds of the branches. Immediately after it stops blooming, the crown is formed by the broken cut, dried, or inward growing branches and asked.

Category: Decorative flowering

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