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Category: Decorative flowering

20 Jul : 17:46

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anthurium.jpgAnthurium is the homeland of South Amerika.Izvestni vida.Mnogo are about 800 of them are characterized by exceptional beauty and splendor of colors listata.Listata are big, tough, brilliant, with a different form of thin drazhki.V indoor conditions are grown primarily A. andreanum, A. and A. scherzerianum crystallinum.
Anthurium andreanum - large plant to 70-90 cm high. On numerous stems forming aerial roots that develop fully only at very high air humidity or dip the stem on the substrate. The colors are formed in the bosoms of the leaves each year and last a long time. There are varieties with white, pink, orange and red petals. The leaves are oblong-a heart. Better feel in a greenhouse or winter garden.
In translation from the Greek name of this plant means "flower - bush.
Sold only with cut roots, because of its difficult growing in pots. But after some selection occurs variety of Anthurium, which can be easily grown in pots.
Extremely beautiful flower does not require much care and blooms continuously - from spring to autumn, for many years.

L `anthurium scherzerianum (pink flamingo)
The most commonly offered for indoor growing conditions in kind.
At the time of purchase, one or two colors, but you should check whether there is one new leaf buds. Colors are held from 4 to 6 weeks, but not emit any odor. Then fall bloom and new, as the process is quite lively in summer and winter fun.
Best suited to pot it is that size 12 to 13 centimeters in diameter, plant height 30 centimeters.

To blossom
Anturiumat not require any special care.
The only condition is to provide him sufficient heat and humidity of the air.

Temperature: 18-24 ° C in the winter - no more - less than 15 ° C.
Irrigation: watering with possible - soft (rain) water. As generally marshy and azalea plants, Anthurium need responsive acid soil, so if the water, and watering that it contains lime leaves will pozhalteyat. Water over the spring and summer and winter - in moderation.
Feeding: Every 2-4 weeks during spring and summer. During growth it is recommended to be added to the slurry water.
Soil: Most - well Anthurium grows in coarse, humus soil that passed well water.
Well developed and ready mixes. Combination is good soil, peat and sand in the ratio (1:1:1) by adding a little bark and wood moss.
Moisture: Likes high humidity vazduha.Chesto be sprayed leaves.
Light: Anthurium loves holy places, does not like direct sunlight.
Generation: In - it's easy to separate individual specimens or small gap, which almost always strike. More convenient method is with an air gap, where the stem is rapidly forming new roots.

Category: Decorative flowering

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