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Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

22 Jul : 19:07

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Easy growing perennial herb. Native to Asia. Is typical for mountainous regions.
It flowers from June to September with numerous flowers in a panicle. There are jagged, dark green, glowing leaves that resemble ferns.
Most - appropriate for the garden hybrids Astilbe - Arendsii. Blooms in white, fiery red, violet. Reaches a height of 120 cm
Kilimestoto astilbe (Astilbe chinensis) extends sideways. Japanese astilbe forming low conical panicle, with a height of 60 cm
Pastrolistnite varieties are only used for indoor plants. Variegata is most popular and goldiana (almost all yellow) - the efektniyat.Podhodyashto plant for shady, neotopleno place in winter. Its leaves begin to fall if you keep dry and warm. If you do not watering often enough in the summer, the edges of the leaves will become brown. Reaches a height of 150 centimeters, but can prevent this if you cut in the spring.

The plant requires enriched with organic fertilizer. It must be kept constantly moist. Frequent watering is needed, especially if the soil contains more sand.
The air must also be necessarily wet.
It is appropriate to polusenchesto shady spot - under the trees in the garden under the fence. Under the shade trees reinforces the color of the plant.
Plants should be planted at a distance of 40 - 45 cm, because it is growing very intense and if they are located very densely, started forming - a little color.
Can be combined with grasses and shrubs senkolyubivi - Campanula lactiflora, Hosta, Tiarella and others.
Water regularly from spring to autumn and winter - scarce.
Replanting: In the spring each year.

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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