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23 Jul : 12:20

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Origin: Central and South America

Afelandrata is a fast growing plant. It is appreciated, and because of the beautiful leaves, but also for colorful blooms. It blooms in autumn, when most rooms are already pretsafteli flowers. Bracts are bright yellow, klasovidni and very durable - almost two months. After the overblown, they must be removed immediately. The leaves are dark green with white streaks and very fragile.
Afelandrata ROOM difficult for cultivation. It needs special attention and care.
Aphelandra sinclairiana - This is one of the best - wonderful perennial shrub of medium height (45 - 50 cm). Maximum height - 3 m.
What makes it so spectacularly plant is a strange combination of colors - coral pink and orange colors of pale pink inflorescence. There tsaftezh.Mozhe long period of calm to develop and flourish in the shade. Any plant collecting nectar attracts birds, butterflies and more. Homeland and Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama).
Aphelandra sinclairiana in difficult farming at home.

Aphelandra squarrosa is tamarisk. Also called "Zebra flower. Homeland and the mountains of Mexico and Brazil

Requires regular and copious watering.
Requires a humus rich soil and a very strong light.
Enriched when the plant begins to form flower buds.
The plant is sensitive to cold. If temperatures remain below 16 degrees, the leaves begin to fall off. Freezes at temperatures below 1 ° C.
Should be regularly irrigated.
Blooms in yellow, normally in late summer or autumn.
After pretsafti, the plant has been trimmed.
Light: light, light semi-shadow, indirect sunlight, in winter - may direct sunlight

Temperature: warm - to - 18o ÷ 25oS; winter - at least to - 15oS

Irrigation: moderate, but not zasushava, the winter is reduced - a soft and warm water

Spraying: plenty!

High air humidity! Mat of wet pebbles.

Fertilizing: All year: during flowering - each week, at another time - 2 weeks

Replanting: each spring - March / April - in light soil and flat container (has shallow roots)

- Outerwear cuttings - in water - spring;
- Seed ripening February or March;
- Leaf cuttings - in water - where to - 23o - 24oS.

- Rapid temperature fluctuations;
- Drafts - the leaves fall off;
- Prepolivane;
- Drought.

- If the leaves fall off, the reasons may be different: dry, cold air flow, watering with cold water, direct sunlight;
- If all the leaves are dry - very dry air.

- Mites;
- Scale insects;
- Aphids.

- Botritis

Category: Decorative flowering

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