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Category: Decorative flowering

24 Jul : 08:41

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Brovaliya spetsioza blooms with violet flowers with white throats. There are major variations (large sinyovioletovi) and Alba (white flowers).
Home of the tropics are brovaliyata of Amerika. This flowering bush in the wild reaches a height of 1 meter, a garden types - to about 20 cm plant is densely covered with leaves.

Profuse and long blooming, blooms are a form of stars, white or blue, up to 4 cm in diameter. From time to time, branches should be cut.
Seed CE incite the spring or summer.

Brovaliya spetsioza bloom usually buy, but can be easily raised from seed. They are sown in early spring if you want color in the summer or during the summer for blooms in winter. Penzirayte tips to branched. The stems are weak - if you want to keep bushy form must provide bulwarks. With proper care the plant will bloom many weeks. Keep the pot in a cool room. Feeding regularly and remove wilted flowers.
Prefers moderate temperatures (15-18 C), during the flowering need coolness - (10-15 C). Likes bright light and even less direct sunlight. Moisture-loving is the soil must be constantly moist.

Bedroom annual forms are usually overblown and then discarded.
Temperature: Cool - 10-15 º C is ideal temperature for the period of flowering.

Light: bright, maybe a little direct sun.
Water: The soil must be constantly moist.

Humidity: From time to time, leaves trituration.
Propagation: seed shall sow in spring or summer.

Category: Decorative flowering

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