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Category: Decorative flowering

24 Jul : 13:02

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Family: Apiaceae
Latin name: Gerbera
Origin: Rodina plant is South Africa
Leaves: Gerber hardly needs description. Unusual when it is growing in a pot. Not that it's impossible. In this case it does not reach that height, any purchase it from the flower shop. Potted gerberas is niskorastyashto plant with dark green leaves.
Flowers and flowering: Colors vary from simple to decoration in all possible colors, which can guess (no blue, purple and black, of course).
Gerberas are available as indoor plants and garden. Bedroom are niskorastyashti and compact.

Location: The plant likes hallowed places. If you put a shadow or a colored shadow will die. The more sunlight reaches it, the better. This is perhaps one of the few plants like direct sunlight.
Irrigation: Watering in the Transvaal daisy is a real art. All the basic rules must be followed if you want to have a healthy plant. During the summer irrigation is moderate, with soft water. Watering according to the soil. Touch and if it is only slightly dried immediately watering. Each drought was disastrous. During the rest are watered sparingly.
Fertilizing: Tori from April until the end of September. Is most suitable phosphorus fertilizer. It is added to water for watering once a week.
Soil: It has nothing unusual. Is the most appropriate ordinary soil.
Replanting: Only if the plant is already very old. The best season for this purpose is the spring.
Tolerance to cold: In winter it is good to keep a plant in a cool, but not in 12-15 degrees. During the vegetation period gerberas is kept 15-25 degrees. During the summer is easy to hold a flower pot on the terrace or garden. Selected location does not need to become informed. Protect from wind.
Interesting: They say gerberas sucks all harmful substances and thus purifies the air. How true, you'll have to check.
Propagation: to multiply seed for a larger possible and by dividing the roots.
If the leaves start to become greyish, this is a sign that your Gerber temperature is too low.

Category: Decorative flowering

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