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25 Jul : 10:04

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gladiolus_hybridus.jpgGladioli are some very well known, common grassy rasteniya.Tsveteto represents iris family (Iridaceae called). GladiolusOphiolyza himself and this kind of the same name - are Gladiolus.Vaprosnite podrodove: Acidanthera, Blandus, Homoglossum, Gladiolus, Densiflorus, Habea, Ophiolyza and Linearifolius.Ostanali are 2 types, which still lead to disputes where postavyat.Ot rather a question of podrodove - Atsidantera (also called star gladiolus) begins much to promote, because there are many distinctive, beautiful cherti.Tsafti in elegant black color with white to purple tsentar.V today created a lot of different hybrid gladioli, so that the choice of varieties is enormous.
Depending on the size of the color gladioli:
- Giant - 14 cm;
- Large - 11-14 cm;
- Medium - 9.11 cm;
- малък – 6-9 см;
- Tiny - 6 cm
subgenus includes a total of 8, of which - are popular

These plants are - often used in gorgeous bouquets, as have many beautiful, large color tsvetove.Tyahnata is extremely varied - yellow, green, red, white, colored - any! Motherland of the entire family, which includes about 260 species on Africa - come from across the continent, but mainly from the southern chasti.Ot all 260, but there are only 10 coming from Evraziya.Podzemniyat body of the plant is an average size club - bulb with a protective skin, but in most cases for - short is called simply bulb (although not properly). stems are faced with a different height - has represented small, but - often found visokite.Listata green, with parallel nervatura, smooth periphery and are pointed vrah.Harakterni iris family - mechovidni.Imenno gladioli because they have acquired their naimenovanie.Dumata 'gladiolus', derived from the Latin 'gladius', which means mech.Vsashtnost Gladius is referred to - specifically, Roman sword, which is - short, but - shirok.Tsvetovete in most species are about 17 in number, located in klasovidni petals, which open bottom nagore.Obiknoveno there is only one cluster, but with good breeding occurs from one of his buds instead of color to develop yet another flowering stem . Thus, given 2, and sometimes even 3 separate tsvetonosa.Venchelistchetata are total 6 in number and have a different function struktura.Osnovna attract oprashvachi implemented most - lower 3.Ponyakoga However, this task is assigned only to the left and right as the central remains behind them, but there are also cases in which it deals only with tova.Obiknoveno However, all three have this tsel.Gornite two petals are sometimes - and always show large vstrani.Pri Atsidanterata are narrow and elongated (and most - bottom). Top - upper petal is erect and sometimes commensurate with the - dolnoto.Chesto and 6 - they are curved in the countries to identify three of tsentara.Tichinkite broy.Ima one pistil holding tripartite stigma and lower zavraz which is hidden in a single sepal, which each color razpolaga.Parvonachalno gladioli are specialized to attract bees of the genus Anthophora, but then the structure of color proved to be very good for quite other oprashvachi who definitely have liked these rasteniya.Tsvetovete trabesti and their bottom has a sweet, nektar.Imenno color that has been trabesti appeal to visitors with prolonged oral aparat.Osven gladioli these bees as much and as often attract moths belonging to the family so Noctuidae.Sashto certain flies and a popular family of insects Sphingidae.Osven insects, however small Passerine birds of the family also regularly attend Nectariniidae color as the menu includes their best - no moths nektar.Nyakoi do they like gladioli for places to lay their eggs . This is the biggest example, zhaltokril moth - Noctua pronuba.

Cultivation: gladioli are relatively easy for growing flowers, but sometimes they need to - special conditions for razvitie.Klubeno - bulbs are planted in spring in gradinata.V sandacheta would be cocked to the left, right, and the effect is that the bulbs can gubi.Osven to be more - in small landed but the plants themselves and will be more - difficult to otglezhdane.Mozhe be planting them in 2 - 3 weeks, so anytime you have the summer flowering plants in dvora.Preporachitelna depth is about 10 cm napredvid note that it is - dangerous to them planted - naplitko than deep because otherwise you will easily be prekarshat.Izberete sunny place that is protected by a strong vyatar.Dobre when planting is to put a little manure tor.Kogato bulbs with soil leaving you wash them with a weak solution of artificial tor.Preporachitelno is to use green Kristalon with NPK 18 - 18 - 18 + 2Mg.Sled germination must be regularly fertilization in about 2 sedmitsi.Do appearance of acne using blue Kristalon - NPK 20 - 5 - 10 + 2Mg.Pri onset of flowering stem began to be used orange - NPK 6 - 12 - 36 + 3Mg from the beginning of flowering to the overblown red - NPK 12 - 12 - 36 + 1Mg.Sled overblown when the colors are windfalls to fertilization makes one with a weak solution of brown Kristalon - NPK 3 - 11 - 38 + 4Mg.Printsipno gladioli are plants that need a lot of nutrients, so even if you are unable to provide the above specified fertilization is better to use some tor.Drugiyat important factor for proper development of these plants is polivaneto.Tay love as much water, it must Water regularly, especially in summer zhegi.Nay - literally above buds may wither and not be otvoryat.Chuvstvat most - well the holy places, but they are well developed and half - would syanka.Idealno place where the morning sun is shining and subsequently formed as polusyanka.Sled that bloom over time comes to fall in gladioli period pokoy.Te not zimoustoychivi.Izchakva life cycle is complete and the surface part to izsahne.V bulbs are now all that izvazhdat.Sled detki separate and retain zhelanie.V bottom you will see the old bulb, which is dry - it can be removed carefully together with the old good koreni.Lukovitsite Wash the dust in tyah.V no peel squama! It must stand with bulbs throughout the rest because it prevents other vazdeystviya.Sled being cleaned are dried, so that they can not remain damp and harvested in dry and cool place in a cardboard box or mesh torbichki.Tam must be stored all winter, until spring, when again zasazhdat.Ima one major problem in the cultivation of gladioli - their stems on a regular or to tilt or break, as face and vtvardeni.Za Unlike other plants do not have gavkavost.Eto why this issue has several resheniya.Parvoto each plant is to be crashing peg, which can be attached so that padne.Tova can not be understood from an aesthetic point of view is certainly unacceptable and may lose efekta.Drug variyant in bed all throughout kolcheta.Ot to stick to each other to bind threads on both sides of the bed, so that adhere to plants izpraveni.Efekta again decreased, but not least tolkova.Ima and third option in which the bulbs are planted very blizko.Tova not prevent their development, but does not guarantee full ustoychivost.Sashto so the flowers can be planted near wall or fence on which to podpirat.Vapreki, if the bulbs are - deeply, fertilize regularly and maintained properly this problem could be avoided and gladioli you enjoy with all your prelest.Drug problem with these plants is the presence of pests - caterpillars of some nasekomi.Nay - the best way to get rid of them is to do rachno.Imayte napredvid, however, lie in the bosoms of the leaves and sometimes it's going to devour tonight only when they're not zabelyazvate.Ako no longer will know you are wondering what is so nahapalo tsvetyata.Ponyakoga devour and color and might make rueful look.

Generation: The first way is known to all tsvetya.Varhu one flowering bulbs - bulb has 2 or more sleeping papki.Ot them develop 2 separate plants, which do form 2 separate clubs - lukovitsi.Na Fall bulbs are removed and their volume is simply by - golyamo.Ima variyant another in which the bulb is cut so that each part of 1 has a sleeping bud, but this way is not so prescriptive as there are opportunities for the development of mildew or mold on the cut and zona.A and without the same is done naturally by the first method, which requires care from your strana.Vtori way through the side, very small detchitsi which gladioli will definitely be buried in your izobilie.Te, but will not blossom the first year after their separation from the mother's club - bulb, as they are malki.Razmnozhavaneto seed is also quite possible (though of course the plants did not bloom the first year). At this point in the future promise for more info.

In Bulgaria, the most common are White City and the Flower Song. They bloom in summer.

Category: Bulbs and tubers

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