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Dicentra spectabilis

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

26 Jul : 11:54

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dicentra_spectabilis.jpgBleeding heart (Dicentra) is a genus of flowering plants, perennial flowers from the family Papaveraceae, numbering about 20 different types. Typically up to 70 cm high, its colors are white, pink or red in the shape of heart and hang on long stalks like grapes.
This Krassy perennial flower gardens throughout the spring - from April to June, with delicate and spectacular pink flowers hanging in clusters located unilaterally. The leaves are arranged alternately, have long stems and deeply cut segments. The stems are branched, with blue-green shade and reach 50 - 70 cm
The name comes from the kind of dis - two and kentron - spike, a hint for the two bolts of color. Blooms resemble a heart shape, so the country is called "Woman's Heart", the Russians call him "Razbitoe Serdce" latinoezichniya in the world brings formidable name Bleeding Heart (bleeding heart).

This flower is unassuming to the soil, but grow well in mild, moderate soil nutrition and moisture suitable for shady areas.
Known are about 20 species of bleeding heart (Dicentra), widespread in Asia and North America.
Be propagated by division of the bush and by stem cuttings. Bush is divided in spring or autumn.
Maybe forcing the winter in warm rooms. At the end of November to transplant from the garden and kept at 20 degrees. Regularly watered and nurtured with the fertilizer for flowering. Began to flourish after 20 - 30 days around New Year without any special treatment

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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