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Crassula ovata

Category: Decorative flowering

26 Jul : 12:49

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Tree of Life - Crassula ovata originated in South Africa. Can you meet him, and under other names - Tree of Life, Mara and Fat Krasula arborestsena. Nekaprizno It is a perennial plant with thick leaves vosachnopodobni chervenikav light shade. Can be grown as a miniature tree, since reaching a height to 2,80 m. It flowers in winter, as the colors are tiny white or pink.
Water plant fertilization frugality it once a month. In winter, when the flower is in the resting phase watering should almost be discontinued. The best soil humus in principle. The plant should be regularly cleaned of litter and dried leaves, and also check for pests.

Tree of Life - Crassula ovata loves bright, sunny locations. If, however, place it on a south window, then surely his Adjust thing to cast a shadow in the summer heat. May could easily outsource the pot on a terrace or garden, as there is no danger to the plant. In winter however it warm and insert it in a place where the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees. Moving from a shady spot of light should be done gradually so as not to reflect badly on the leaves. Transplant is every 2 years.
Multiplication is performed by top or leaf cuttings. Sites are dry cutting and rooted in peat-sand soil. Planting should be done in early spring.
To remain deep green leaves, do not hold a direct and bright sunlight in order not to fade away.

Category: Decorative flowering

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