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11 Jul : 14:01

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Chilean araukariya Geneva is solid wood with dark green husks instead of needles. Of its large seed cones, which in size resemble almond, were once one of the most important products in the diet of Indians, Arauca. In the cool moist forests in the southern areas of Chile and Argentina are often flocks of parrots and attack araukariyata izlyuspvat seed it with their powerful beaks curves. For the first time araukariyata poyavilas was in England at the end of XVIII century Its seeds were brought by Captain George Vancouver, who studied the Chilean coast. These trees have an attractive pyramidal shape and planted them in gardens and parks.
Araukariyata is evergreen coniferous species which reaches a height of 2 meters and needles are soft to 1-1.5 cm long are located in spiral branches that extend at right angles from the stem.

Is equally important to be watered with soft water and tempered. Before each new layer of dust chasing watering should be gently dried. Likes high humidity. When heating in the room need to increase watering to make up for damage from dry air. Tori is from March to August every 2 weeks. Is particularly suitable fertilizer Azalea or rhododendron.
Polusvetlo loves to light, cool and humid place. It is edinak and needs lots of space. Not recommended for room heating as the heat quickly izsuhvat needles. In summer it is made open and bright place.
Multiplication takes place in late autumn seed. The seeds quickly lose their ability to germinate, so it immediately and dice osigorete good soil drainage. The seeds germinate after about 4 months ago. Transplant to 2 - 3 years.
Tip: Araukariyata cultivation is difficult and requires special care. Not recommended for young gardeners.

Category: Decorative leaf

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