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Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

01 Aug : 10:45

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geranium.jpgGeranium (Geranium) is a genus of plants comprising 422 species of annual, biennial and perennial plants that thrive in temperate zone and in the mountains of the tropics, but mostly in the eastern Mediterranean.

More popular species cultivated geraniums are:

geraniumpalustre.jpgSwamp geranium (Geranium palustre) is a perennial plant of the genus Zdravets. Plants in Europe and Asia. In Bulgaria there is a protected species. Reaches a height of between 30 and 70 cm grows mainly in marshy places and marshy meadows, along forest roads. It flowers in June and July with purple flowers. Its seeds mature in August. Above ground parts are used in colic, dysentery, rheumatism, gout.

Bohemian geranium (Geranium bohemicum) is an annual plant species of the genus Zdravets. Included in the Red Book of Bulgaria as a rare species. Grows in damp grassy places in the forest zone. It flowers in June and July.

Brilliant geranium (Geranium lucidum) is a species of the genus Zdravets. There are round, cut into flat sheets. Blooms with pink flowers from June to September. A height not exceeding 40 cm grows in mountain meadows and rocky areas.

geranium_e17.jpgOrdinary geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) is a perennial plant of the genus Zdravets. It flowers in June and July rose to karminenocherveni colors. Often re-blooms in early autumn. The leaves are large, deeply cut, slightly sticky to the touch. Autumn usually get keremidenocherven or yellowish tinge. There are long, thick roots that diverge over the soil surface. Polusenchesti to grow in sunny places. Must be protected from direct sunlight.

The leaves are divided into three deeply cut, and blooming in white, pink, blue, mauve, and red colors, petals with pronounced streaks.

Grows in sun or shade depending on variety. By May month can grow it indoors, but it mandatory summer on the road. Winter temperature of about 8 C.

Water thoroughly during summer and fertilizing every week. Best time for grafting is March. Require a soil with good drainage properties.

It is a durable perennial plant which grows in pochvopokrivno as curbs, rural gardens with trees and rock gardens, front and zadblokovi spaces, but also in the terraces sandacheta. Some varieties form tufts that "suffocate" the weeds and foliage colors and other colorful and are especially spectacular in the sun.

While in a wide variety of species and varieties are few plants that are so lesnorastyashti and can tolerate drought. Many species are losing their leaves in winter, but there are species that cover the soil all year round.

Reproduction: reproduction is August - by cuttings. It is important that the incision is well dried before being planted. It is possible by planting seeds in January and by dividing the tufts during spring or autumn.

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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