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10 Aug : 16:04

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The queen gave birth to red fruits are considered a real delicacy.
The name of the representative of the interesting cactus family comes first from the fact that the color of her opening night and at dawn are closed, and secondly because the colors reach 30 centimeters in diameter. Usually this phenomenon is observed in June-July.

Queen of the night and no thorns is a typical representative of cactus. And yet it is difficult for cultivation.

Give her all the year round warm and bright place but protected from the bright sunlight. As winter temperatures should not fall below 10 C.

Water thoroughly during summer, winter - limited to a minimum. Before the period of bloom in April and May, this cactus was well tolerated with a soft spray of water. In warmer months, with monthly fuel Cactus fertilizer.

Propagation: by cuttings propagated. As with other cacti, the incision should be dry priblitsitelno 3 weeks prior to the root of a substrate rich in peat. A transplant in a mixture of garden soil and sand.
Long, thin shoot need strong props!

cactus family   garden soil   bright sunlight   queen of the night   soft spray   
Category: Cacti

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cactus family   garden soil   bright sunlight   queen of the night   soft spray   

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