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Winter garden

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13 Aug : 08:26

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wintergarden.jpgPlanning and planting a winter garden - It extends zhilishtetos a green room, climate improves, enriches it with oxygen and higher humidity. At the same time saves energy stored in a glass house solar svetlina.Prez winter, when nature seems bare and empty, longing for more greenery in the house for nothing nepomrachavana joy of plants increases. Dream of a flower garden in the midst of winter, full of beautiful colorful plants, has become a reality for many amateurs - florist. Indeed, the winter garden is a haven for flowers and people who love them.

The glazing on the balcony or patio is the simplest resolve the question. It can be done both in one-storey and under storey houses and apartment blocks.

Housing with integrated winter garden

Before you make plans for the winter garden, you should thoroughly investigate the site and the opportunities available to them. It is also important to clarify you have to ask permission from the relevant authorities. Best talk to the architect.
The big benefit of sun throughout the year including garden is nature in the residential atmosphere. Southern flavor, exotic countries, admired the beauty of tropical and subtropical plants - this is done only when these plants are protected from the effects of season and changes over time with glass svetlopropusklivo

Suitable plants for cold winter garden
Should the winter garden can be used throughout the year or it is a cold place with temperatures between 5 and 10oS? Cold winter garden is ideal for all Mediterranean plants such as palms, agave, acacia, bugenviliya, plumbago, soleyroliya, strawberry, eucalyptus, fig, Fuchs, kettle, camellia, Clive, coral bush, oleander, pelargonii, Transvaal daisy, mimosa, passionflower, agapantus , malva, silver oak etc.

Suitable plants for a warm winter garden
The warm winter garden can be used as living space with temperatures between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius. The following plants feel very well in warm winter garden: banana, rubber plant, Benjamin, bromelin, dratsena, streptokarpus, ivy anturiya, Palm fishtail "zlatnoplodna palm, Kobe, hlorofit, platitserium, rubber wood, tin, kolumneya, stefanotis , meekness, tree of destiny, orchids, filodendron, nefrolepsis, rapis, Schefflera, tibuhina, Bella Jolla, yucca, room lime, cypress grass.

transvaal daisy   coral bush   empty longing   residential atmosphere   mediterranean plants   
Category: Specialist advice

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transvaal daisy   coral bush   empty longing   residential atmosphere   mediterranean plants   

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