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How to plant flowers and herbs

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19 Aug : 11:27

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agapanthus.jpgPlace the layer 2-3 cm of gravel, keramzit or cracked pieces of old pots to ensure good drainage of the container for planting.

Piece of litter or a thin non-woven wool, to prevent washing of soil with watering. Fill container planting to half the soil mixture for potted plants.

If you use special pots for herbs or strawberries, carry out planting in layers, according to the location of the holes of the pots. In the lateral openings planted to different species, but the central hole pick attractive appearance to complete the composition.

Pre-determined by your desired plants, especially if they will arrange different types. Species in high place in the middle of the court, and cascades along the periphery. Selective plants with the same requirements for light, watering and soil type. Gently release the plants from the containers without injury to the root system, arranged in court and make soil.

Cover with 2-3 cm soil, and if you want to mulch to preserve moisture. Pour well-planted crops.

soil mixture   soil type   how to plant flowers   attractive appearance   potted plants   
Category: Specialist advice

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soil mixture   soil type   how to plant flowers   attractive appearance   potted plants   

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