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Ficus Benjamina

Category: Decorative leaf

29 Aug : 16:23

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ficus_benjamina_01.jpgHome of this beautiful fikusche are India, China, Southeast Asia, northern Australia and the Philippines.
The most common plant for home. You can see it everywhere from the home and office, to shop windows.

Benjamin is growing like a tree with shiny oval leaves. In our country the plant is a typical home, but in warmer places are well developed and out. Can grow quite large if its to ensure adequate pot. Need is good drainage.

Can grow together with other plants in a pot that covers the soil, when he grow up and lower leaves drop off.

The most popular varieties are:
Benjamin Golden King - tinged with yellow on the edges of leaves.
Benjamin Midnight Lady - with dark green leaves.
Benjamin Naomi - with dark green leaves curled at the edges of leaves.
Benjamin Samantha - with dark green leaves and light green edges on the leaves.
Benjamin Starlight - with colored with white sheets at the edges.

Reaches 2 meters with an elegant shape shrub whose twigs slightly relax down.

Its name comes from the word benzoin - the resin produced by this plant.
Evergreen tree or bush, which naturally reaches a height of 20 meters, and in pot cultivation under good care, to 4 m rubber plant has small leaves with a length between 5 and 10 cm Kraycheto leaf is elongated like a drop, because nature and thus easier to drain water during the monsoon.

Watering: Water only when the top soil is dry to the touch. If Benjamin is in a pot at home, you can raise the humidity in the winter. An easy way is not the best, is to place the container with water and radiators frequently ulverizirate leaves with lukewarm water. The best solution here is to put the pot on the mat filled with pebbles and water. Thus, the water evaporates and leaves take on moisture. Beware the pot lying on the pebbles, it is not in the water because you risk decayed roots.

Replanting: You change only when the pot is made of the root surface and try not to break during the procedure. If the plant and pot are too large, simply replace The surface of the soil, to add new nutrients. They will penetrate inflation watering.

Fertilizing: Use a liquid fertilizer in spring and summer until September and October, approximately 15 days, or according to instructions on package. Benjamin also need extra iron to keep alive their green color, so add iron tablets or liquid fertilizer.
Remember that pretoryavaneto not always lead to good.
If pozhalteyat leaves or yellow spots appear, this could mean a lack of iron. If symptoms are widespread, leaves splashed with water with added liquid fertilizer rich zelyazo.

Crop: In the spring you will see many new peaks. Remove those who appear weak or have pozalteli leaves. Thus, the plant will concentrate its forces to healthy branches.
You'll notice a white liquid chip. This is the rubber juice from the plant, which can cause skin irritation in some people. Do not touch or accidentally soiling wash well under running water.
If in winter the plant has lost a lot of lower leaves and only grows up, crop tops and so will result in a strong growth and branching of the lower branches.

Benjamin needs a lot of light. Place on a well lit spot but avoid direct sunlight. In summer you can place on the balcony, initially protected from the strong sun lunch to burn leaves in the sun.
Like all plants, and rubber plant trying to turn the sun to prevent reverse bias of 45 ° each time watering.
It is very sensitive to the changing conditions of viewing, so that any moving or reducing the light you can expect hair loss and yellowing of leaves. May also slow their growth.

Propagation: it summer with cuttings. Crop lower leaves of the cuttings and leave to dry cuts. Then paste them to place seedlings in a mixture of peat and sand in warm enough and bright place with high humidity of air and soil.

Wash the leaves in a water bath by covering the pot with nylon. You can use a sponge or soft CLEANING purpose. If you do you will often plant with shiny leaves without using spray polishing of the leaves, which is harmful to the plant because it blocks the tiny holes in leaves through which the plant breathes. Ficus Benjamina Golden King Ficus Benjamina Monique Ficus Benjamina Samantha Ficus Benjamina Starlight.

A rubber plant that can fall off the list because of his sudden change of location or sharp fluctuations in temperature, but the plant can handle very quickly from such shocks.

It can be obtained shtambovo beautiful tree. In two or three plants planted in pots, they can combine to get interesting and beautiful stvolche. Should be the same twisted old plants when they reach a height of about 15 cm after a time implanting in the contact point. Formulates the fiber yarns which are changed once in two months, so as not to damage the trunk.

Fine tree is growing easily and is suitable for home and office, gives a unique charm and elegance.

ficus benjamina   starlight 2   midnight lady   benzoin   naomi   
Category: Decorative leaf

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ficus benjamina   starlight 2   midnight lady   benzoin   naomi   

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