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Cissus (Rhoicissus rhomboidea)

Category: Decorative leaf

16 Sep : 10:36

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rhoicissus.jpgAntarctica room vine is a favorite plant to cover the bulkheads and other large surfaces. It reaches a length of about 3 meters and cover support with leather leaves. Soratt minima for small spaces. Tsisusat the smallest leaves crushed Tsisus is exquisite - with a red stem, grows quickly and most easily grown as katerlivo plant. Tsisus is gentle Tsisus diskolor - the green leaves have silvery spots and bledopurpurni.

Each leaf consists of three diamond shares, nearly 5 centimeters long with a dark green color and are smooth and shiny, but as young are silvery.

Rhumb vine room is - distributed. Angles of the leaves and grow mustacheta spiral, reaching a length of 20 cm so it acquires the form of liana.
Used for vertical planting may be wrapped in bars and other props. Is very suitable for planting in pots.

Are unusual Tsisus gongilodes red aerial roots Tsisus kvadrangularis with fleshy leaves and greenish-brown Tsisus hipoglauka with leaves composed of 5 leaflets.

The optimum temperature is 15-20 degrees in summer and 10 - 12 in winter. To bright light, but scattered - should avoid direct sunlight.
The plant requires moderate humidity. Should be opraskva often. Can be washed directly in the shower.

The premises must be ventilated regularly.

During the summer the room is a vine watering frequently, avoiding prepolivaneto and drainage, not to mold on the leaves. Winter watering sparingly.

Tori is once every two weeks during spring and summer.

Home of the room are tropical vines of Central and South America.
Most - right place to plant a southern window, and during the warm seasons, may be moved to a balcony.

Propagation: propagated through critical cuttings taken spring or summer. Cuttings placed in water or sand, as root, then move in soil consisting of equal amounts of garden soil, leaves, wood, peat and sand.

Possible pest plant is brashnyaniyat worm. From the bright sun of the plant leaves turn yellow.

tropical vines   moderate humidity   summer cuttings   aerial roots   garden soil   
Category: Decorative leaf

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tropical vines   moderate humidity   summer cuttings   aerial roots   garden soil   

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