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20 Sep : 11:43

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spathiphyllum.jpgSpatifilumat is already well known in our plant. With its beautiful white flowers, it creates a feeling of harmony, but because of their long life became a favorite of many florist.

Rod Spatifilum (or alias Ednolistnik Peace Lily) includes many species of perennial, flowering, Monocotyledon plants. Is assigned to the largest family Zmiyarnikovi. His homeland is humid, tropical forests in the Americas and Asia.

With svezhozelena foliage. The leaves are long, broad, parallel nervatura (zhilkuvane) and have a smooth periphery, which may be only slightly curled. Plant expressed no period of rest. It flowers from spring to autumn as the winter can stay for short. The colors are white, with a little green tip and have a very pleasant aroma. It consists of three parts - the clubs, cob and stalk. Clubs is part of the white color, single petal. It embraces the reproductive, the most important area - this is the book. It is because of the numerous carpels serrated along its entire length. In their basis appears white pollen of the plant. Clubs and stalk into the book. Colors are usually retained unusually long. Before pretsaftyat filled with chlorophyll, and therefore - turn green. After that just turning brown and falling. Spatifilumat is one of the most popular indoor plants, as many have decorative qualities that distinguish it in some respects, among other familiar flowers, and is one of the most demanding.

According to NASA research spatifiliumat is one of ten indoor plants that reduce the concentration of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon dioxide from the air.

Home of white flamingos are humid tropical forests of Central and South America. 36 species are known. Best-known ornamental species are S. Cannifolium, S. Floribundum, S. Heliconiifolium, S. Wallisii. The leaves are glossy, dark green with prominent median nerve. Clusters are in the form of a cylinder of white fragrant flowers surrounded by white bract. Tsavti spring, but sometimes in the autumn. The color is long lasting - up to several weeks. Impressive are shiny dark green leaves with prominent median nerve.

Interestingly, this plant is grown as listnodekorativno hem, hem as dekorativnotsaftyashto. Spatifilumat formed multiple shoots from their roots, which are rapidly reaching maturity. Thus gets a very beautiful tuft of green foliage, which is made from beautiful white flowers. There is even variety pastrolisten Spatifilum. However, various types differ mainly in size.

The most familiar species is grown and Spathiphyllum wallisii. It reaches medium-sized and rapidly fills with pot leaves. Meeting and such small-plant that is grown in small saksiiki of groups. Undoubtedly, however, the most valuable is not so common variety Spathiphyllum 'Sensation'. Its distinguishing feature is that it reaches an enormous size and large blooms in many colors.

This flower is feeling great in warm rooms. Most appropriate temperature for it is between 16 and 21 degrees. To achieve good results in the cultivation of his nuobhodimo to provide bright light and moderate humidity. Like many others flowers and indoor spatifilumat can grow more dark and drank at lower temperatures, but then grows slowly and rarely blooms. So in the winter flower is necessary to put near the window. Prize spring and summer to ensure high humidity. This can be done after putting the pot on a tray with water. Depending on the conditions spatifilumat bloom almost all year, but most often from spring to late autumn. Colors can live more than six weeks. Pretsaftelite colors are removed, also stems have wilted dase cut to the base.

Spatifilumat is one of the easiest to grow plants. Not require any more care or something specific. There are however several factors which must be respected for its successful development and flowering. This beautiful flower ROOM in any case should not be exposed to the sun. Must be kept in the shade, not bright spot. Otherwise, it is possible to reflect on the many colors - happens to be distorted or mostly green from Nacho of flowering until overblown. Also, as most of his relatives - other Zmiyarnikovi, this plant prefers frequent watering. Regular watering should not be allowed complete drying of the substrate. It is also good foliage regularly with water pulvelizirat as high air humidity is also a factor. If it is too low and the air is very dry leaves can pozhalteyat the periphery. In a few words the most important is Spatifiluma - overshadowed and wet.

As to the temperature the plant is quite resilient, but it feels good to warm places with the same temperature year round.
With regard to the soil in which grow well there are no specific claims. Can grow on any substrate. It is a component to have garden soil.

To transplant the plant once in 2 - 3 years. Fertilizing is not necessarily right, but is recommended. Otherwise can get something like this when humidity is low - light tan leaves on the periphery. This shows that Spatifiluma there is a shortage of nutrients. No matter what is used - a balanced NPK fertilizer with the same formula would work great. Moreover, the leaves will be large, beautiful and wide. Once or twice is sufficient until the next replanting. The flower grows well in a small pot. No matter how large it will always fill as many forms shoots. Course can be maintained as a single young plant is regularly removed while still very small. In this case, adult Spatifilum also be able to fell the pot, but probably slower. Will bloom with only one color (basis of one root can not flourish with more than one at the same time), but will develop feelings of - well. Does not tolerate over.

Propagation: propagated through division or cuttings from the top.

All parts of this plant can cause gastrointestinal disorders, and falling in juice on skin irritation occurs.

humid tropical forests   peace lily   nasa research   decorative qualities   median nerve   
Category: Decorative flowering

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humid tropical forests   peace lily   nasa research   decorative qualities   median nerve   

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