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Impatiens sultani

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20 Sep : 15:14

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impatiens_sultani.jpgOne of the ten most popular plants in Europe and the USA. In the last decade of the twentieth century is now one of the best selling flowers with potted chrysanthemum and pelargoniumi. Very unassuming, so it is recommended to beginners and lovers of flowers. Profuse flowering from June to October with the most varied colors, keeping dekortivnostta, with opportunities to grow as terrace, garden and even ROOM plant and low price - all this makes it a desirable and affordable for many.

Generic name comes from the Latin word impatiens - impatient, which is a hint of fruit bursting at least touch on some species. It is a perennial, herbaceous, succulent with pale green stems, which diverge and the whole bush of the older plant is showers with flowers - white, pink, purple or orange-red.

In our tsiganche call it, certainly not because of this homeliness and cheerful, striped flowers in England because of the "diligent" and continuous flowering it is called "Busy Lizzie", the Russians call him caressing wet Vanko, because preference is always more mokrichko or "a light" because of its bright colors.

Tsigancheto or as its Latin name Impatiens is a family Balsaminacea. The genus name is derived from the Latin words im (in) - no, no and patiens - tolerant, withstanding pressure, which suggests that mature plodcheta presenting dozens of seeds do not tolerate the slightest touch to them - once open, spraying seeds. The family has about 500 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants and subshrubs distributed mainly in the tropics and subtropics of Asia and Africa.

In Bulgaria, the flowers that we know of flowerpots and gardens of our grandmothers are more common varieties of Impatiens walleriana and Impatiens balsamina.

Vetlolyubivo is growing well and the northern windows, but keep it out of direct sunlight. In summer there is a need for copious irrigation, and in winter - in moderation. It is not demanding to the soil. In autumn and winter should be kept at temperatures above 10 degrees because it stops blooming and the leaves begin to fall it.

Impatiens walleriana Hook. (synonyms - I. hostii Engl. et Warb., I. sultanii Hook. f.).
Native to East Africa (Tanzania, Mozambique). Grows in the mountains at an altitude of 1700 meters on the banks of mountain rivers.

The late nineteenth century as a cultural plant grows. This perennial is grown primarily as a pot, a highly branched, Widespread pale green stem with a height of 25-35 cm and lantsetni slightly oval-toothed leaves, with pale or dark lilaveesht, bronze tint. Petals are flat, situated in the short drazhchitsi bosoms of the leaves, with five petals and a small asymmetric elegant heel - their diameter is up to 3-3,5 cm dyed are diverse - white, pink, orange, koralovocherveno, cyclamen, bright red, purple. There are two-color, as well as varieties of decoration. Today florists traded with 120 varieties of this popular favorite for years, and flower.

In the 70 years ago a trip to New Guinea, which looks rhododendron, along with other models brought in Maryland and other impatiens species. Many of them die, but survivors have become source material, with many breeders who work, to appear and mnogosortove amazing colors of New Guinea Impatiens. They have larger flowers, more compact form the crown and flower more abundantly than our beloved gypsies.

In the past few years and our new varieties have emerged Impatiens New Guinea, invaded the gardens of Europe and America, resulting from the long work of breeders.

New Guinea and quickly spread widely used today in a shady courtyards and gardens, planted in groups or colored grass in pots on the windowsill and sandacheta of windows and balconies, in hanging baskets or rock gardens. And in the northern European countries with very short summers and rain, fans of the flowers grow it year round as a pot plant.

The most popular commercial varieties are Paradise, Harmony, Sunshine, Impreshan, Celebration and Beauty Ryuar offered virtually all tsvetoproizvoditeli.

Year as our garden plant is grown and Impatiens balsamina. Its seeds sown in early spring, directly in the garden. As they grow up and grow a little, be a permanent transplant. You can buy seedlings and ready. Flower-girl who knows why the market except balzamina, and call it varbiche. Likes sunny, open space, but should be watered regularly to avoid klyumnat juicy stalks.

Profuse flowering throughout the summer - from July to late September with the decoration colors - white, pink, purple. Namely its seed boxes to pop open, even when a strong wind and spray of small, round, brown seeds. This helps him samozasazhda. So next year please us with their many colors.

Impatiensite family (Balsaminaceae) is great, but all members of this family are similar. All have succulent stem, a common form of color and can bloom all year round. Although the leaves have a different shape and color, long bloom period is typical for all. And the colors of the sun manages all plants and any plant of the family was the worker who filled the atmosphere with sun energiyal Impatiensat creates warm atmosphere. It is useful to have such a plant in public places or at home, where I often come many different people. Thanks to the atmosphere it conveys human kindness, good attitude towards one another.

Another common to all impatiensi is juicy stalk. Stem connect with Saturn. The stem is the support, strength of character, but the juicy stems of this beautiful flower earthly Saturn is joined by wetland Luna. Saturn and Moon are two opposites that successfully combines here. It's nice to have such a flower in a home where there are strong between household differences leading to conflicts, which often burst out disputes over non-acceptance of others' opinions. Impatiensat neutralize the energy of conflict, the air released from the dramatic energy of conflict, tension smooths out, the atmosphere becomes more common, causes people to look at problems with humor.

Propagation: be propagated by cuttings from side shoots that root easily in sand or perlite, without irrigation, while giving signs of rastezh.Preporachva to cover the top with a transparent container and to keep warm. After rooting, pot is initially small (№ 8-9), and then in larger pots (№ 11-13).

To blossom abundantly, it is in 1 - 2 years to be renewed by cuttings.

Impact on emotional state:

Sun, for which there is no peace, inspire impatiensa to blossom throughout the year, gives the plant with many unusual properties. Sun is the planet of creativity and inspiration impatiensat people, urging them to original, creative work. The plant is useful for those who were fed up with everything and difficult experience joy. Under the invisible fluid of this plant awakens in man the desire to decorate the reality around them to do something nice to everyone. A pot of impatiens blooming can do wonders in the studio of the artist. Plant awakens interest in human life and creativity, developing the ability to see the bright and beautiful. Under his influence was born of interesting ideas for change. Is always useful when one feels the life behind, or when others call him conservative. Saturn and the moon, joined in the stem of the plant, give the plant the ability to help people in the conflict between "should" and "want". Jacko not sure about my choice, vacillate between their desires and the subordination of any circumstances, take your impatiens. Under his influence will learn to combine their personal interests to the circumstances of coercion, so that obedience will be useful for you. These properties and is useful for those who frequently enter into any business transactions, working with partners. Thanks to impatiensa, one understands how to make the contract profitable for both sides.

Impact on health:
Impatiensat belongs to the sign of the Lion, managed by Sun. Upravyava lion heart and constantly blooming impatiens protects the body from any disease. But it is a bright shaft connection of Saturn and the moon, but this combination of planets may be associated with rheumatism, with the sensitivity of the joints with changing times. Impatiensa mere presence in our home, however, prevents us from heart ailments and other forms of rheumatism.

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Category: Decorative flowering

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