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rosaceae.jpgThe strawberry is a genus of plants of the Rosaceae family (Rosaceae), and the fruit of these plants, which is high in carbohydrates and vitamin C. There are several kinds of strawberries with one of the most common is the wild. Formed by rhizome cuttings. The leaves are compound triple, with prilistnitsi collected at the base of the stem. The fruit is false. Carpels are many.

Strawberries are herbaceous perennial plant, living and provide fruit up to 2 - 3 years.

Strawberry varieties

ROCKS - Czech variety, from the group of early varieties. Plants are moderately tall, upright growing, with good fertility. Fruits are large to medium - large and izdrebnyavat last harvest They are rounded to conical dull, red light without cancer. The flesh is whitish red, relatively tight, slightly sour and slightly fragrant. Is resistant to powdery mildew, but susceptible to leaf spots. Above - Dutch variety of the group of medium early. Plants are semi, average visoki.Uzryavat almost simultaneously with Pocahontas. Harvest period is relatively short. Variety is moderately rodovit to rodovit, but it is very demanding of soil and air humidity and summer heat. This variety should be grown in cool, damp places. Fruit harvest in the first two are quite large, with an attractive appearance. They are slightly flattened and conical with truncated apex pectinidae sometimes with rounded ribs and a small neck, red to red wine glaze. The flesh is quite tight, orange - red, very smooth, very good flavor and aroma. Is resistant to rotting gray, red and white leaf spots, but susceptible to powdery mildew. Pocahontas - The American variety of the group of early ripening. Fruits begin to ripen 2 - 3 days - late or almost simultaneously with those of the hot variety. Plants are upright, strong growing, many rodoviti, develop them well in hot areas. Fruits are medium large to large, from the first harvest, and smaller than the latter. They are attractive, dumb cone with a truncated top, which is usually flattened, with many well-marked neck, bright red with a pretty sheen and submerged seeds. The meat is very dense, orange - red with moderate acidity and a pleasant aroma. Variety is resistant to white and red leaf spots per grayish mildew resistant, but susceptible to powdery mildew and root rot. FAVORIT Cambridge - English variety of the group of medium late. Its fruits began to ripen the fruit of both varieties Pocahontas or a few days after it. Plants are medium tall, semi-sensitive root pathogens and mites, many rodoviti. In - the cool areas of this variety yields exceed those of the variety Popkahontas. First fruits of harvest are several large to very large, but not the last izdrebnyavat strong. They are correct typo conical, sometimes slightly elongated, with the tops of some of chashelistchetata divide are colored in bright red and have a slight sheen. The flesh is orange - red, sweet-sour taste and mild aroma. Is resistant to powdery mildew, red and white. Gray leaf spots and mildew.

BENAMIL - Belgian variety. In morphological characteristics, the plant is very similar to Cambridge Favorite. Ripening simultaneously, but fertility equaling or slightly exceeding it. Fruits are rounded to the stupid cone without cancer, intense red with luster.

Zeng Zeng - French variety of the group of medium late. Plants are very very high and growing and vital. Form small stolon, fruits are larger than average first harvest, with proper form, but with recent strong izdrebnyavat. They were rounded up tapokonosovidni without cancer, intense red, glossy with moderate and relatively deep submerged seeds. The flesh is thick, almost without cavity, with a very nice sweet - sour taste and special flavor. Variety is resistant to powdery mildew, highly susceptible to gray rot and medium sensitive to red and white leaf spots. BELRUBI - French variety from the group of medium late, whose fruits ripen simultaneously with those of Zeng and Zeng Redgauntler. Plants are tall, thick-faced secondary flowering. Fruits are highly elongated and double cone with an elongated neck and slightly off-peak. They are ruby red with a pleasant appearance and sweet sour taste and moderate flavor. Rodovit variety is, to many in rodovit - warmer regions. Demanding is to soil and air humidity and therefore the most - well expressed in - in warmer regions and irrigated conditions. Is resistant to white and red leaf spots, but is susceptible to powdery mildew and gray rot. REDGAUNTLET - English variety of the group of late varieties. It is characterized by high fertility, but retreated slightly to the extraction of Zeng Zeng. The plants are very vital, upright growing, flowering and tall, rather thick, branched. First fruits of harvest are large to very large, bright red with orange shade and gloss, no cancer. Plododava abundant variety. Relatively well tolerated temporary drought and heat during the ripening of fruit. Resistant to powdery mildew, leaf spots and gray rot. There is a pronounced tendency to remontantnost.

Strawberries prefer well-drained soil is. It should be enriched with organic fertilizer about a month before the young plants to be planted.

Beds should be well covered with manure and straw to prevent people developing weeds and to keep fruit clean. Strawberries prefer a slightly acidic soil with pH 5.0 - 6.0.

It is not good to use the soil in which they have previously grown other berry (raspberry, blueberry, etc.). Or plants of the tomato family (Solanaceae), because of the risk of infection with viral disease.

Plants should be watered from above to not develop fungus. Most - is appropriate for drip irrigation. Fertilizer is 2 weeks with. Suitable fertilizer.

Most - well developed in the open and airy sunny location. Planting beds is high.

Generation: In - warm areas with climates near subtropical, young plants are planted in March - April and in - the cold places - karya in the winter and early spring, staggered in order, the distance between plants ostyavyate - 35 cm
Tip of the roots must be on level ground, to prevent decay. Strawberries are watered immediately after planting.

Offshoot of strawberries enable them to grow more plants, but reduced production of fruit. Second year of the beds are too narrow for all slips, and the fruit is "suffocating" in a sheet. It is advisable to keep the plants up to 3 years, after which they are exhausted. Beds should be allowed to "rest" for at least 3 - 5 years.

After the first year strawberries give a little fruit, but put more slips. When you stop to give fruit, remove the slips with wilted or diseased leaves.
Plants are nourished with adequate fertilizer and cover with straw.
If there is room in the garden can be made new beds, with most - large and healthy slips.

Protect fruit from birds, snails and pluzhetsi. Industrial cultivation of strawberries strawberries is recommended to plant out each year to give - large production.

In Christianity, strawberry is a symbol of righteousness, the fruit of good work, the fruit of the spirit. Strawberry with violets means humility of true righteousness.

fertility fruits   genus of plants   rosaceae family   family rosaceae   powdery mildew   
Category: Fruits and vegetables

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fertility fruits   genus of plants   rosaceae family   family rosaceae   powdery mildew   

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