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11 Jul : 15:19

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musa.jpgIn tropical countries this type may reach 6 m high, forming small, inedible fruit. In our climatic conditions over-ground part izmrazva when temperatures fall below freezing, and spring kills again. However, without special care, even in North Bulgaria (400 m. His Majesty) to fall may reach 3 m. And if you make some very simple and not very labor intensive care, in southern Bulgaria, especially along the Black Sea could even exceed 4,5 m. (Such care will be detailed)

What makes this banana unique compared to others is not so much resistance to his roots at low temperatures, and their ability to withstand 5-6 months in peace without being killed. I tested two other types of bananas, which are also quite zimoustoychivi. But they had this ability to survive half a year in peace. These species do not survive even after the roots by covering them with mulch over 30 cm, which ensures that the soil around them will not freeze. The reason for this is that their root system can not withstand 5-6 months without haulms which it supplies with nutrients. As a result, their roots are killed.

Most banana plants like partial shade, plenty of water and rich fertilizer. Fertilizer is needed to become more precise scheme to form a large and healthy fruit.
If you grow bananas in a pot or box, leave at least 8 - 10 sm.razstoyanie between tubers. You can planted in the garden, but the air temperature must be at least 10 degrees.
Shall sow the seed at a depth of 2.5 cm in a tray or pot with moist, enriched soil. Place the container in a warm place and maintain a constant temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. Remember that the plant needs light.
Germination can take 1 to 6 months.

When you grow up enough to be handled, planted in a pot or plant box, at a depth of 7.5 cm, with no losses to vnimamavate roots. For their rapid growth has required a lot of light. In the summer may move out of the yard and go home before the first frosts. In winter, minimize watering. some leaves may pokafeneyat hell, which is normal for the season.

If you decide to pinch a banana from tubers, most - important thing is to have good draining soil. It should be slightly damp but not soaked, to avoid rotting.

types of bananas   southern bulgaria   inedible fruit   banana plants   partial shade   
Category: Decorative leaf

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types of bananas   southern bulgaria   inedible fruit   banana plants   partial shade   

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