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Harmful conditions for the flowers

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26 Nov : 19:51

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When you bring the flowers in the home or office, they encounter a new environment, largely different from the natural conditions of their homeland to which they either adapt or die. Important factors in this environment are the composition of air, light and temperature.

Here are some requirements of plants to air and what the air in the home and office suppress their development:
- Air pollution by gasoline and alcohol and other money. prevents plants. Some plants such as ferns do not tolerate tobacco smoke;
- Dust in the rooms is also harmful. It clogs the respiratory ustitsa of leaves and life processes difficult.

In nature, plant respiration is facilitated by wind, which changes the air around them. Changing conditions at room air ventilation through it. When it is important not to form a race, especially if outside air is cold;
- Dry air in the room - the lack of water vapor in it, is unfavorable for the flowers. Because many flowers (cyclamen, cineraria, calceolaria etc..) Die quickly, especially if they are hardened before being submitted to the property. At least suffer from dry air plant, whose homeland is hot and dry regions of the globe - centenarians, cacti, and others. For sensitive plants is needed on sources of heat (stove or heater) to put broader containers with water;
- Color and light in the room. In a confined space, lighting in almost all cases is insufficient for normal development of flowers. Its intensity depends not only on the size of windows and their location in relation to the four countries of the world, and to surrounding buildings, but the distance of a given place to the windows. It was found that almost half of the street lights rays are reflected and absorbed by the glass, ie intensity of light by the window in the room is half less than the street. And the deeper the plant is, the weaker is the lighting. At least suffer from poor lighting called. senkolyubivi color: marital happiness (Aspidistra elatior), alokaziya (Alocasi macrorhiza), araukariya (Araucaria excelsa), ivy, fern pots, etc.;
-Color and temperature in the dwelling. The temperature in the home and office, as opposed to lighting and air humidity can largely be adjusted. When it should be borne in mind that plants suffer from intermittent deposition temperature. Therefore it is best if the flowers in the room with no heat source, and it is heated from another room. We need to know that the heat is needed as the surface parts and roots of plants.

plant respiration   composition of air   marital happiness   intensity of light   air ventilation   
Category: Other

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plant respiration   composition of air   marital happiness   intensity of light   air ventilation   

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