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The importance of wedding bouquet

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26 Nov : 20:57

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w_004normal.jpgWedding bouquet of flowers and decorations are an important part of your wedding celebration, whether it is a small family ceremony in a circle or a grand ceremony. Bouquet for the bride plays an important role in this celebration from the time of ancient Greece, where the bride wore a bunch of herbs, as a symbol of fertility. Somewhere put a corn and herbs that symbolize health and fertility. But in the past, bouquets in the hands of the bride is placed not so much by aesthetic rather than pagan point of view! Collected or, more precisely, a special form messy in some other grasses and flowers, covered with aromatic potions and serving-girls of our ancestors believed that such a "composition" will banish evil spirits from the bride! Today, flowers and stems in the hands of the bride are just lovely bouquet are no longer required to keep, but only Krassy!
You choose the type of bouquets, flowers and nature and their amount.

The most important wedding flowers are those in the bridal bouquet. You can choose everything from very simple to a huge bouquet of various flowers and greenery. It is the same type of flowers in the bouquet as the bride to be and bouquets to bridesmaids, if any, and in the buttonhole of the groom and best man. Another thing nice do is dress and color, as well as that of the bridesmaids. Basic flowers look to be of one color of this outfit. To shiny taffeta dress will match simple shapes and lines bouquet of light and air fabrics conform more graceful and colorful bouquets, and heavy fabrics and finished in accordance with strict lines. As you know, even though whites remains as a favorite color, it is far from alone. Gaining more and more colorful bridal gowns - gold, pale green, light blue, pink. Some even stop to extravagant red, silver, and a combination of several colors, embroidery ... opportunities dependent on your imagination. If you decorate your car, in church or at the place where the ceremony will be held, and the restaurant and the furniture of the couple, it would be better if you use the same flowers as in bouquets. This course must be in line with your budget. If you want to have more than one kind of flowers, the most expensive just put in the bride's bouquet. The location of the ceremony can only do two major Arrangements on both sides of a table - one or two in the center - at both ends or before it. You may also consider small bowls or vases with flowers and masses of guests that will refresh both interior and your loved ones and people will feel your attention. If you are interested in the symbolism of flowers in their election, for your big day - here are some details:
Symbolism of flowers in the wedding bouquet:

tin - tsarstvenost;
orchid - love and respect;
tulip - a shared love;
Lily of the Valley - humility returning to happiness;
Red Rose - passionate love;
pink rose - perfect shtastie;
orange rose - Love incinerate;
freesia - innocence, beauty and sensuality;
lemon leaves - an everlasting love;
avens - a strong love-charm;
ivy - selfless love;
begonia - visionary;
Iris - a symbol of faith and wisdom;
lilium - truth and loyalty.

But avoid yellow rose, which represents a jealousy.

There are several basic forms bouquets, Floris who will discuss with you:
Cascading bouquet - most traditional and formal style bridal bouquet. Done is let down flowers and leaves, which are secured to handle, tied with ribbon. As the name suggests, bouquet is a "waterfall" of a combination of flowers and leaves, which flowed down. They are used mainly potassium, lilium, roses, leaves, etc.. Note that if you have a small figure, large cascading bouquet will overshadow your dress. It would suit the more high woman. In this case will highlight the figure - tall slender waist. Cascading bouquet (of string) - stems of flowers are cut and color, in a special way of fixed line, and then collect all the colors together, and the usual bunch. Circle of this bouquet is full of string, which is cleverly concealed by pandelka.Tezi bouquets are quite expensive because it requires making a lot of time and a great mastery of Floris.
Classic bouquet - a dense bunch of colors that give the illusion of freshly picked spring flowers. Plants are attached to the handle or simply tightened to each other. Used most often different colors roses.
Kitka - Basic concept for each round small bunch of flowers. Characteristic of this type is that all plants are clipped the same length. Still remained a meeting of the Victorian era inlaid silver cone, which is placed bouquets. It is usually made by one - the only color and contains very few leaves.
Bracelet-bride in the summer should be sunny, bright and charming without further accessories. Elegant flower bracelet, which is suitable for young couples perfectly complement summer wedding dress.
Ball bouquet - simply put a ball of flowers. Bridesmaids wear this type of fixed exquisite bouquet ribbon. The most commonly used for making delicate little flowers.
Bouquet of posture (a microphone, etc.) - The stand (microphone) - a kind of hollow tube with a special material that absorbs water like a sponge and keeps fresh flowers throughout the wedding day. These bouquets are arranged quickly and is comfortable to hold in your hands. Flowers in these bouquets are kept to their own stems and string. To secure the cord and heavy colors and the rest is kept si.Buketa stems must not only match the dress and hair color, but also conform to your perception.
Also Consider flowers with those who lined the dress. Watch to cover most forms. Recently, small round bouquet becomes more popular. An interesting option could be only a few orchids to "premetnete" in his elbow. And if you give credit to the imagination, it is possible to enjoy the original bouquet. Extravagant bride that has opted for strong, bright colors, which give an unusual rig at the ceremony, one needs proper bouquet, causing a real joy for florists. Romantic natures would rather modest flowers in pastel tones. If you selected the classic white color of the dress, plays an important role in hair color. For brunettes bouquets to suit any color, but it is good to emphasize the saturated colors like pink and cream until soft range of blondes and rizhite of hair - with the yellow and orange colors. Consider also the bouquet with age. Bright red roses in the hands of a young girl would have stood defiantly and awkward, but otherwise would become romantic flowers lightly. In that your lipstick should be a color as the lighter tone of the wedding bouquet.
There is also good to evaluate the resources available to them and discuss options in detail with Floris, at least several weeks in advance. One of the things that must comply, if you have a tight budget is to use flowers, whose season is now. For example, if you want autumn bouquet of tulips and irises, he must know that they are specially ordered, it takes longer and costs a lot more. Think about whether it will throw the bouquet and whether it will perform the ritual with your bouquet or want to save it. In this case you made a smaller and more simple, which will determine the next bride. According to one tradition the bride is good to preserve your bridal bouquet a year after the wedding. You can posavetvate by Floris how this can happen. So take a little more time in choosing this beautiful bridal accessory input a little imagination and make it different and memorable!
From nervous tension or famine newlyweds can experience discomfort from strong scents emitted by flowers. Such as are orchids, which in some nations symbolize wild passions.
Bride should not seek, bouquet contains all and loved flowers. Severe bouquet is not recommended since wearing it over a few hours will turn into a nasty problem. Soon the bride will begin to transfer it from hand to hand and shooting will stand the inconvenience.
Wedding bouquet is an accessory, bringing more freshness and beauty of your romance. Choose natural flowers. Color - according to your taste, but necessarily concurrent with the dress. If you prefer lower smaller bouquet, but if you are high - Take advantage of the possibility of a long and beautiful mix of flowers. Order the bouquet in a specialized boutique and rely on professional advice that will get there. Be careful though not to overact and to service you wear beautiful but heavy ... bouquet. Bouquets of brunettes match with any color of blondes lighter tones, while the rizhite hair-with the yellow and orange tsvetove.Pri that your lipstick should be a color as the lighter tone of the wedding buket.Ima importance and type of dress - to the gleaming taffeta dress will match simple shapes and lines bouquet of light and air fabrics conform more graceful and colorful bouquets, and heavy fabrics and finished in accordance with strict lines.

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