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30 Nov : 09:25

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Since when do flowers grow?
The flowers are grown from ancient times. On the island of Crete has images of roses from 3000 BC In the ancient pyramids of Egypt found seeds and leaves of rubber plant, date palm and other ornamental plants. In ancient Judea were especially loved the white and cream roses and daffodils and myrtle were an emblem of peace. Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the "seven wonders of the ancient world. In the gardens of Iran, called paradise, except fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs grown flowers - tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, pansies, poppies and more. And Rose was highly respected. Poets called Iran Gyulistan (Gul - Rose) - part of the roses. Many of today our favorite flowers were known to the ancients.
Later, flowers, and found widespread in Europe. Today, information about the gardens of ancient Greece to derive from the Iliad and the Odyssey.

What difference had the world for some people?
Throughout the ages flowers have their own importance. For example the ancient Greeks rose meant sadness of the past, flew away on youtube and lilium (lily) was a symbol of chastity and purity. Rose for the Egyptians meant shorter life, and cream - freedom and hope. In France the lily was the emblem of the royal family and with margaritata been included in the emblem of Louis IX. Japanese chrysanthemum considered a symbol of the heavenly world, and Italians - the symbol of death. Chinese as a symbol of love served to peony and English - Nezabravka. In France, carnations were the symbol of struggle and revolution, and in Germany meant perseverance and faithfulness. In Belgium, during the strikes of workers put on their shirts squill. In many nations larkspur mean honesty, violet - good will, the bell - gab, tulips - pride, columbine - ingratitude, the rose - love, forget-- perseverance, Eric - loneliness, etc.

What symbol was the rose?
In Rome Rose krasyala each arch and a symbol of bravery. Wreath of roses was placed on the head of a warrior - a winner. The Greeks cultivated roses to the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, whose temple was surrounded by a rosary.
White Rose was considered a symbol of silence, so when he led an important discussion on the table is placed white roses on the table, which meant that all the words remain secret. Until today has remained the expression "Sub rosa dictum" ( "speaking in the Rose").

What is the lotus of the Egyptians?
Favorite flower of the Egyptians was the lotus (water lily species), whose colors at sunset are closed and immersed in water at sunrise and buoyancy, and dissolve. Besides being decorative Egyptians used the lotus plant and food, as its rootstock barrels of flour and grinding its seeds. Lotus was painted and carve stone capitals on the columns. He sent his love to one another. in ancient Egypt where it was not customary to bring flowers to the hostess, the servant bestow arriving guests with a lotus flower or placing on their heads and necks of guests necklaces, twisted by lotus flowers. A single lotus color black hair often bedeck one Egyptian.

What is a Chinese peony and violet, cream and white poppy for the Greeks?
Pliny Bozhura determined as the oldest of all cultivated flowers. Hundreds of years in the gardens and temples in Beijing has grown peony. Of note is that even the Emperor Ming-Hing (2737 - 2697 BC) is engaged in floriculture.
In ancient Athens, in all solemn cases wore garlands of violets. In a spring day in children over the age of three were obkichvani with garlands of violets, violet as a symbol of innocence. The white cream was a symbol of freedom. Poppy which today destroyed by weed is considered necessary for the fertility of the field, so to Demeter - the goddess of fertility - in addition to barley and wheat are devoted and nego.Atletite in training for the Olympics by eating poppy honey and wine and pertsiytsite rice sprinkled with poppy.

What flower part in the coat of arms?
Rose is the emblem of the King of England today.
Iris was the emblem of the Bourbons.
Tulip emblem of any tours of the Ottoman sultans dynasty.
Three leaves and three of tsvtyata paulovniya seed coat of arms Mikado in Japan.
Thistle is the emblem of Scotland.
Clover is emblem of Ireland.
Leeks emblem of Wales.
During the second crusade Ludwig VII wore a flag irises.
Parents of Jeanne d'Arc had a crown emblem of irises on top of a sword.
In Ireland very easily differ houses of Catholics by the Protestants. Planted flowers white Catholics, Protestants and orange.

Bulgarians love you flowers?
Bulgarians love for flowers is highlighted in existence since ancient times. Flowers are in the home garden, the balcony, the window in the room.
With continuous improvement in the welfare of our people is increasing and the need for more flowers in public and home gardens, where a person lives and works. Increase the area for the production of flowers and broadening the range of cultivated flowers.

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ancient pyramids of egypt   hanging gardens of babylon   iliad and the odyssey   pyramids of egypt   images of roses   

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