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chrysanthemum_gl.jpgChrysanthemum is one of the best - and popular favorite potted plants and cut flowers for color.

Chrysanthemums genus is rich in many species. In our country, when I say family Chrysanthemums, people accept that this name refers only to the chrysanthemum, but it is not so, because this kind of concern and annual plants and several species of which denote a common name margaritas, though they are different species.

In our most commonly grown margarines (Leucanthemum vulgare, L.maximum and Chrisanthemum coccineum) and chrysanthemum (Chr. indicum)
Daisies are similar in too many colors in the construction of the chrysanthemum.
Differ only in the form of leaves.

In Japan the chrysanthemum is connected to one of the most beloved national holiday - the Feast of the Chrysanthemum - Ninth of September. On this day in the temple Senso, Asakuza, solemn ceremony is held in her honor. People donated chrysanthemum Buddha and go with him to take her home illuminated seedlings from it. It is believed that it drove away evil spirits, diseases and misfortunes. Carried out by the end of the Edo period (XVII century), today has turned into a holiday festival, commonly throughout the country. On the day of the chrysanthemum dolls are made in human growth of fresh color with a rich range of colors and shapes.

Not least favorite is the chrysanthemum in China, where does love flowers, especially in women is extremely widespread. Chinese woman suit his part thinks if you do not adorn their pitch black shiny hair with a flower. Only women widows younger than 40 years are not allowed to wear a flower.
The Chinese called by the name of the chrysanthemum ninth month of the year and ninth day of the month is a holiday. There are folk beliefs that in this day torn chrysanthemum has magical powers. Enjoying the chrysanthemum, Chinese and Japanese do not forget to use them in your kitchen. From the leaves of chrysanthemum make salad. Chrysanthemum in the main, however, not its culinary and aesthetic merits. The last flowers of the year - the chrysanthemum appeared with the first cold snap, so they are attractive and cold autumn.
In China, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of wisdom and longevity in Japan - in happiness, success, luck, in Vietnam - the spiritual purity and clear understanding.

In Europe, the chrysanthemum was first brought back in the XVII century - in 1676 in England by Dutchman Reede, but then it stayed there and yet few know her. It is customary to believe that the chrysanthemum was actually brought over in 1789 when Captain Pierre Blanchard brought it to Mars.
In 1829 Bernini gardener from Toulouse began to grow Chrysanthemums by seed. Received several new, beautifully colored varieties. Only after half a century, however, when it is grown over 300 varieties, Chrysanthemum become one of my favorite winter flowers in Europe. First noticed her English, which speaks for the holiday in the Crystal Palace in London to celebrate the birthday of Schiller in 1859, when the bust of the great writer was laden with thousands of chrysanthemum with the most diverse form and color.

In Europe, Chrysanthemum is perceived as a silent symbol of deep sorrow. Frantsuzite, honoring the dead, the grave and placed around the gums and simply leaves, sometimes flowering plants in pots.

Recently in Paris is the century marked by the introduction of chrysanthemum first in Europe with a rich exhibition, with prizes and medals. The exhibition were shown over 1200 exceptional for their beauty chrysanthemum, which formed a kind of carpet, and served to curb chrysanthemum, placed in containers high. 80 competing varieties. The biggest color that received the award, was the variety of "Valis" diameter 41 cm

Today passion for flowers with strange and exotic beauty, cool attitude to simple, clear and to generate contempt and fine it is part of our time. X p and h a n t e t e m - those triumphant, proud, multifaceted Eastern princesses, children of a foreign land, continues to attract looks and feels born spirits and inspire peace and harmony with them rediscovering tradition, spirit and reality without vanity, without end.


Chrysanthemum Chr. indicum is very rich with varieties which differ in particle size, shape and color of colors. The varieties are grouped into two main groups: small-and large-flowered.

Soil: Chrysanthemums require connected porous and rich in soil nutrients. They are sensitive to repeated cultivation of the same place.
The best time for planting chrysanthemum in July and early August. In such a period of planting color is obtained in November.

Flowering: The chrysanthemum bloom in early September, then the October and finally - late November's.
Daisies bloom in very early spring to summer.
Chrysanthemums are many different types, classified according to their shape, size and colors of their colors and and time of flowering.

Location: It develops well and bloom abundantly in open, sunny places and polusyanka.
All species of the genus chrysanthemum, with the exception of large-flowered chrysanthemum is used for planting in large or small groups in front of shrubs and lawns to cut color.
Large-flowered chrysanthemum grown in heated greenhouses and used exclusively for obtaining a color cut. Outdoor cultivation is associated with risks.


To get more flowers and plants branches should be penzirat.
With a large-flowered chrysanthemum penziraneto seeks to eliminate early spring buds to form large, well shaped and with longer handles colors.
Penzirane first made when the plants reach a height of 10-15 cm, and the second one - later to remove the pimple I Crown, which also in most periods are given insufficient quality colors.
Most varieties are allowed to flower bud of the Crown II.
Chrysanthemums are small-penzirat only once, by removing only part of youth reached 18-20cm high plants.
With the whole chrysanthemum important measure for obtaining high-quality color is the removal of lateral buds.
Formation of small-chrysanthemum 3.5 top left branches, and all are hereby abolished.

Propagation: replanted in the spring if necessary. After the overblown chrysanthemum can be replanted in the garden where she will return to their natural habits of growth. Cuttings are planted directly in soil.

Vertitsiliyno wilt - mushroom disease. Diseased plants suddenly wilt during flowering. With their leaves appear green to pale yellow irregular spots. Causative fungus in winter debris of infected plants.
Fight: The affected plants to tear up and burn.
Gray decay - mushroom disease. The leaves of infected plants become brown, but colors appear light brown spots with irregular or oval.
Fight: You must reduce humidity and wetting of the plant.
Leaf spots - mushroom disease. Develops on lower leaves and spreads to the top. In infected leaves formed light brown, round dark spots.
Fight: The lower leaves of chrysanthemum is robbery. Colors are sprayed with 1% protective ov bordolezov solution with added gummy soap - 250 ml of 10 l. solution.

chrysanthemum leucanthemum   leucanthemum vulgare   chrisanthemum   
Category: Decorative flowering

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chrysanthemum leucanthemum   leucanthemum vulgare   chrisanthemum   

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