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Matricaria Chamomilla

Category: Herbs and spices

03 Jan : 21:50

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laika.jpgComposite family (Asteraceae)

Description. One year of herbaceous plant with upright, naked, up to 50 centimeters high stem, highly branched in its upper part, with consistent double to triple Perez cut with narrow pointed leaves shares. Colorful baskets are located on top of the stem branches. Consist of 12-18 peripheral clamp white flowers and numerous yellow inner florets trabesti. Lining of the baskets is keremidoobrazno ordered, elongated ovoid, blunt, with broad membranous edge zhaltenikavozeleni leaflets. Inflorescences bed is bare, with small fossa, hollow, hemispherical in just flowering baskets and extended to the cone at the end of flowering. The fruit is elongated green-brown seeds. Whole plant and especially colorful baskets are characteristic pleasant smell and sharp taste bitterish. It flowers from May to August.

The most common unauthorized sytsvetiya impurities from other plants are Polish podrumiche - Anthemis arvensis L., which differs in listchetata the lining of the basket are dumb broad tunicates, while in chamomile are soft and the flesh colored bed dog Chamomile - Anthemis cotula L., which has claimed styliform linear leaflets of the lining of the basket. Podrumiche Polish dog and a chamomile severe unpleasant smell, while the scent of chamomile is good.

Distribution. Grows in meadows, pastures and meadows around the settlements along the roads. It is distributed throughout the country. Not to be confused and mixed with Polish podrumiche dog and chamomile, which differ in listchetata the lining of the baskets and have severe unpleasant odor.

Ingredients: The colorful baskets containing 0,5 - 1.5% essential oil with a characteristic blue or cyan color. Its color depends on the content of azulenes, which is different and depending on the species of plant and by its geographical origin. Azulenat of chamomile is called hamazulsn formed during the acquisition of oil from the volatile, colorless ingredients - matritsin. and not contained in the free state in the plant. Water or alcohol extracts containing hamazulen. are perishable. In the color of chamomile contain flavonoid glycosides and aglikoni with apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, patuletin having antispasmodic action. Same Day ¬ tion have coumarins and umbeliferon herniarin. Contained more mucus and substances, sterols, bitter substances and the fatty acids.

Curative effect and application. Camomile has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, antispasmodic, ranozazdravyavashto, soothing, potogonno and other actions. Long used in folk medicine, it has already entered into a broad and scientific. We studied its composition and action. The most important active ingredient in the essential oil is hamazulenat. It has been proven its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and carminative action and stimulating effect of essential oil on the central nervous system. It is also holinolitichnoto and spasmolytic action of glycosides and spasmolytic of flavonovite and coumarin derivatives.

Camomile is used primarily for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds and upper respiratory tract and emollient. Herb is used internally or externally, respectively, at various inflammation - the lining of the mouth, gums, throat, toothache, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, stomach ulcers and duodenal, the conjunctiva, in piles, leucorrhoea, painful wounds and trudnozazdravyavashti, wetting eczema, boils, sweating of the feet. Form of inhalation is prescribed for influenza, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc. Also used as an emollient in painful menstruation and sleep disturbances. In cosmetics chamomile used for refreshing the skin and to maintain the color of blond hair.

In the Bulgarian folk medicine chamomile is used in inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, insomnia, headache, jaundice, flatulence, gout, rheumatism, epilepsy, hysteria, hemorrhoids, difficult urination, and urinating blood, fungus in the mouth, difficulty breathing, jaundice, painful menstruation .

Directions for use.

It is best to use the extract obtained in the cold (10 teaspoons of herbs is poured over with 500 cm3 of cold water after 8 hours is filtered and drink for 1-2 days). You can make infusions for internal and external use - 2-3 teaspoons of herbs is poured over with 250 cm3 of boiling water and stay in a closed vessel 1 hour. To drink tea two times. It is recommended that infusions be made immediately before use (when standing in aqueous solution rapidly decomposes hamazulenat). Drink for 15 minutes before eating.

chamomilla   magnoliopsida   
Category: Herbs and spices

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chamomilla   magnoliopsida   

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