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Ribes sanguineum 'King Edward VII'

Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

09 Feb : 12:18

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ribes_sanguineum.jpgRibes sanguineum 'King Edward VII' ... a popular name-currant or raspberry currant hrast.Toy type and originates from the western coastal parts of northern America, Central British Columbia and south to central California.

This is a deciduous shrub of the family saxifragaceae. Description-opadlivi compact shrub with leaves and branches made. The leaves are green, slightly downy, three or petdelni taponazabeni, fan-folded, up to 5 cm long. Of autumn leaves become golden amber nuances.

The colors are unusual, deep purple, racemose inflorescences collected in-dalzhina.Blagouhanni to 5 cm with the smell of raspberry.

Flowering period is April-may.Tsafti each year without any special grizhi.Tsvetovete appear to shoot past year. Podryazva annually after overblown.

This is an easy-to-bush cultivation for beginners florist.

Fruits are dark blue in color topchentsa.Toy is fit for consumption, but not much vkusen.Tezi plodcheta forest are a favorite food of birds. Fully ripe fruits are in July.

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ribes sanguineum   king edward vii   saxifragaceae   
Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

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ribes sanguineum   king edward vii   saxifragaceae   

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