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05 Jul : 09:46

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Abel grows in central and eastern Asia. Vaulted shrub with moderate growth, reaching a height of 10-13 cm leaves are thick and suitable for hedges, are connected two by two along the stem, and their surface is smooth and glossy. The colors are clusters of narrow, cylindrical or a bell-shaped flowers from white to purple-pink. Abel is nectariferous low deciduous shrub with fragrant flowers and attractive glossy foliage, which in esentta be dyed red.

Easily grown, preferably in the sun or shade in most poor soil types, with moderate watering regularly with water. Durability varies considerably. Prefers bright sun and light, well drained soils. Podkastryane is not necessary. Removal only slightly in early April of the dead and broken klonki.Podhranvayte regularly during tsaftezh.Minimalnata temperature, which is resisting the root (-18S).

Easy cultivation in both indoor spaces and outdoors. Keep strong and direct sunlight. Loves gray shade.

Propagated through seeds. Place in a loose, well-moistened soil to a depth of 10-15 cm is more watered thoroughly until the soil grows. It is desirable to reinforce the soil with additives.

Some types of Abel:

• Abelia aitchinsonii
• Abelia spathulata - (Japan)
• Abelia speciosa - (Mexico)
• Abelia biflora - (China)
• Abelia buddleioides - (China)
• Abelia dielsii - (China)
• Abelia engleriana - (Sichuan, China)
• Abelia fargesii - (Japan)
• Abelia floribunda - Mexican Abelia (Mexico)
• Abelia forrestii - (China)
• Abelia integrifolia - (Japan)
• Abelia ionostachya - (Japan)
• Abelia macrotera - (China)
• Abelia mexicana - (Mexico)
• Abelia mosanensis - (Korea)
• Abelia occidentalis - (Mexico)
• Abelia parvifolia - (China)
• Abelia serrata - (Japan)
• Abelia tomentosa - (Japan)
• Abelia taihyonii - (Korea)
• Abelia triflora - (Himalayas)
• Abelia umbellata - (Sichuan, China)
• Abelia chinensis - (China)
• Abelia coriacea - (Mexico)
• Abelia corymbosa - (Central Asia)
• Abelia curviflora - (Japan)

abelia triflora   abelia floribunda   sichuan china   glossy foliage   deciduous shrub   
Category: Decorative leaf

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abelia triflora   abelia floribunda   sichuan china   glossy foliage   deciduous shrub   

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