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Acorus Calamus

Category: Aquatic plants and kraypotochni

05 Apr : 18:00

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acorus_calamus4.jpgFamily: Airovi (Acoraceae)

Too often, when walking along rivers, ponds or other bodies of water are met Akorusa. Is a perennial semi-water herb, with long face, like a sword bright green leaves that rozoveyat at bottom or edges of the leaves with a height of between 60 and 120 cm main roots are creeping 2-3 cm thick white meet with a slight pink tinge and a bitter taste as they go smaller roots. Some of the leaves appear semi-cylindrical faces spadiks (cob) which is about 5-10 cm long, covered with small greenish-yellow flowers with 6 stamens. It flowers from late spring to early autumn, as flowers are held about a month. And the leaves and roots have a pleasant fragrance. Prefers semi-shaded to full shade locations, wet muskeg or shallow places along rivers and swamps.

Still lead to disputes on how to be classified. Some think it should be in Zmiyarnikovi family (Araceae) and others that we should have a separate family Airovi (Acoraceae). Since the latter are increasingly being adopted as a classification akorusa assumed to be in a separate family Airovi (Acoraceae).

Extracts from the roots are used as insecticide and as a component of perfumes. In the past, the roots were used by Indians for medicinal purposes, and because of their ability to cause hallucinations when taken in larger doses. These properties are due to substances alpha and beta-asarone, which is already proven to be carcinogenic. In folk medicine used dried roots of the plant. Akorin bitter glucoside increased diuresis and has anti-inflammatory action. Akorus preparations lower blood pressure but also have disinfecting and antifungal properties. Since there are several varieties, if they do not recognize the plant as a herb, it can be dangerous.

Is propagated by seed. Best results give fresh ripe seeds planted and placed in cold. Because it is mare's tail Provide enough water the seeds by placing in a container in which a large add water to form a layer 3.4 cm, so the seed will have constant moisture. Once the plants become large enough so that you can manage your replanted them in another higher court, and not forget their great need of water and cool place. Besides seed akorusat can be propagated by division and in the spring, but before growth has started. In our akorusa reproduced only vegetatively. For this reason, quite often forming colonies and objectives will be accommodated permanently in the shallows along the coast.

family araceae   pink tinge   ripe seeds   asarone   early autumn   
Category: Aquatic plants and kraypotochni

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family araceae   pink tinge   ripe seeds   asarone   early autumn   

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