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12 Apr : 10:54

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calanchoe1.jpgThis wonderful plant in the Crassulaceae family (Crassulaceae) originates from the tropics of Africa, Asia and the island of Madagascar and belongs to the so-called flowering sukulenti. Most often they are among the 130 representatives of the genus Kalanchoe blossfeldiana grown blosfeldiana. This is poluhrastche naked straight stems, high of 15 to 30 cm leaves are large - up to 8 cm in length, fleshy, glossy, hard. Are dark green in color, and their edges are jagged. Blooms for a long time with numerous small flowers collected in racemose inflorescences. They are colored very diverse - white, yellow, orange, pink, red, cyclamen, lilac.

Since Kalanchoe blossfeldiana flowers in winter, needs relatively high temperatures. The minimum should not descend below 10 ° C at night and not exceed 22 ° C during the day. Good ventilation reduces the risk of disease. During the period of rest after flowering, the plant should be kept cool.

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is svetlolyubivo but can live with 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Before any new watering, wait until the soil surface to dry - with winter flowering sukulentite need time to rest after it: in this period, watering them sparingly as they do not klyumnat handles.

Leaves early morning dew, but only at very high temperatures. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana leave any time in the shade until dry.

Fertilization is stopped at the beginning of flowering and resumed after the rest. Every 14 days is added nourishing preparation with high potassium content.

Is propagated by seed and cuttings. Seed sown in February or March. It is the temperature to climb to twenty degrees to grow.
If you use cuttings, they must be perfectly dry before being impaled in the soil. Be irrigated moderately without a cover glass or nylon. Transplanting is done in the spring.

If the beginning of September to early October holding the pot in the dark at least 14 hours a day, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana blossom and pushed even during the Christmas holidays. Note however, that the shortest interruption of 14 hours darkness will undermine the whole enterprise.

Problems and solutions:
- Deformed leaves are typical damage caused by insecticide. Against pests in Kalanchoe blossfeldiana normally used to extract preparations Dalmatia tans: They did not help against parasites such as mealy bug and are replaced with systemic insecticides that are dangerous to the health of the plant. If the leaves dim Kalanchoe blossfeldiana should be discarded.

crassulaceae   kalanchoe   
Category: Cacti

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crassulaceae   kalanchoe   

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