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Category: Decorative leaf

10 May : 19:26

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soleirolia_soleirolii_56d.jpgSoleyroliyata family is Koprivovi - Urticaceae It originates from tropical rainforests on the island. Mallorca, Corsica and Sardinia

Soleyroliyata is a plant with many fine stebaltsa thin, covered with numerous round green leaves. It blooms in the spring - with silver-green star flowers. They are located close to the stem in the bosoms of the leaves.

Soleyroliyata be grown in large pots and shallow to be used as green cover for pots with other plants that need high humidity of the soil. It grows quite quickly.

Soleyroliyata loves ventilated place during the summer season may be on the road.

The spring to plant podryazva in case if it is old. Soleyroliyata be used as hidrokultura.

Currently, the market may find its two variants: Argentea and Aurea.

Temperature: In winter, from 8 to 18 º C and summer - from 16 ÷ 25 º C

Light: It grows best in shade. Direct sunlight progaryat raztenieto. North window is the best place for her. Grows well in artificial light.

Irrigation: From spring to autumn is watered thoroughly, but between two watering the soil should be left to dry.

Spraying: Spray thoroughly!

Humidity: It needs high air humidity!

Fertilizing: During the spring and summer tors for 2 weeks in the substrate, so as not to damage the leaves of raztenieto. If replanting it every year may not be dressed.

Replanting: It is desirable to Soleyroliyata replanting each year. Usually this happens in the spring. Unfortunately it is difficult to do without damaging the plant. Therefore, you can simply replace it. It needs good drainage, loose soil to pass air. Once replanted, the plant should be watered 2 days and kept in a cool place.

Propagation: You to bury more deeply cutting into moist soil and will soon have the father of a large thimble.

Hazards: The biggest dangers are the two extremes - either prepolivane or dry soil.

Pests: mites.

soil pests   island mallorca   air humidity   tropical rainforests   loose soil   
Category: Decorative leaf

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soil pests   island mallorca   air humidity   tropical rainforests   loose soil   

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