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16 May : 14:25

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camellia_pinkperfection.jpgKameliyata (Camellia) family of tea (Theaceae) has long developed world the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Known are about 80 species that adorn the parks, gardens and homes worldwide. The flower is renowned for its vagaries, but few would be deprived of the bush with an elaborate openwork crown of dark green leaves like Leatherback polished and beautiful colors in the very rich palette. Sazhalinie for these colorful flowers are devoid of flavor. Particularly appealing is the fact that profuse and continuous flowering of kameliyata coincided with the darkest months - from November to April.

Kameliyata is a bush with a height of one to three meters, with glossy, dark green leaves and blossoms of snow in pink to bright red. Kameliyata blooms from autumn to mid winter for two months. And also cool and fresh air and lights required. Much more - plenty of blooms when the soil gets backup from food salts. Especially useful to nourish a scalded tea.

There are more than 10 000 varieties kamelii as range is steadily increasing.

Flowering period:
Winter and spring.

Big beautiful white, pink, red or speckled colors which increased from 4 to 10 cm

Kameliite vsiskatelni exclusively to temperature. Must provide them with space and light prohladnio site to which did not reach the direct sunlight. Only when the stakes color buds - usually in July and August, the temperature should be around 20-25 degrees. Later, as the buds mature, should not exceed 15 degrees, and during flowering are optimal degrees 8-10.

Soil in pots should be kept moderately moist, to prevent any dry or preovlazhnyavane. In winter, should be regularly pulverize the leaves and buds, but the colors should be kept. Water for irrigation and spraying should be soft (rain or snow) or further softened.

After transplanting overblown started it with cuttings. Planting of young plants should be done by mid-April to mid-June. It is necessary to dig a hole as the bottom of the pot should be made good drainage by gravel or keramzit. Soil should be a mixture of equal parts garden soil, compost and peat. Place the pot on polusyanka on the north or northwest side of the wall.

The plant is nurtured throughout the year except July and August. After kameliyata pretsafti, it should be fed with highly diluted manure. In late June, the feeding is terminated.

Bright light but away from direct sunlight.

Year-round to maintain moderate humidity. Use lukewarm water for irrigation. In July and August significantly reduced watering to stop the growth of branches and can be set flower buds.

Be harvested before the onset of nocturnal cooling.
Until the opening of colors can be observed temperature to 12 ° C and during the flowering under 15 ° C. The leaves and buds are often sprayed.
Watering is very little.
If necessary, after pretsafti (no later than the end of July) to transplant.

Pests, Diseases:
Scale, rust mildew, the leaves falling, if a very warm winter or improper care during the summer.

Likes to communicate with neighbors and often close with another flower lost much of buds and bloom is heavy, as expected. Did not suffer to move the pot and draws her especially during her flowering

Plants bought from the store should not be introduced immediately in the room needs to be held some time in a cool place and only then to be put in the room.
Avoid pruning of kameliyata unless it has lost its good decorative form or be removed diseased branches.
If the leaves fall off of kameliyata. No room for concern if it occurs in limited quantities. However, if the overall gleamed yellow, drip and the colors are scarce, it is a chlorosis, ie lack of chlorophyll.
Highly calcareous soils, excessive watering, or vice versa, prolonged drought at the root of this problem.
Another possible cause is rapid changes in temperature.
Move immediately. Eradicated the plant, remove the soil from the roots and wash them under running water. Crop pookasete small twigs and roots. Check the drainage and replanted in another finger.
Blossoming kameliyata can be adjusted. To keep, Bud plant is necessary to transmit in a dark and damp basement where the temperature is around 8 degrees, and do not forget to watering. Two weeks before the desired date of flowering plant should be carried in a warm and bright place.
In any case kameliyata should not be left near radiators at home.
The leaves are covered with a colored guy, fungus that is spread by the caterpillars. Spray kameliyata special purpose insecticide.
Kameliyata of buds fall before they bloom. The reason is that, while defoliation - lack of water or excessive watering.

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Category: Trees and shrubs

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food salts   optimal degrees   rich palette   spring colors   soft rain   

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