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Aeonium arboreum

Category: Cacti

20 Jun : 18:44

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aeonium_arboreum.jpgFamily Crassulaceae (Crassulaceae)

Tree eonium withstand drought. Its leaves are like rosettes. It comes from Morocco. There are bare stems crowned with colorful rosettes of fleshy leaves, which in variety A. atropurpureum are purple to black.

Blooms in spring with yellow flowers, but unfortunately then the whole plant zalinyava as with most representatives of the family Crassulaceae. To save it, you can root several rosettes.

In January and February or during the summer eoniumat feels great outdoors, warm sunny place.

Water it when the soil is dry. In winter withstand up to 10 C, respectively, in reduced watering. Best Water only when the leaves pozavehnat.

Time of flowering:
From January to February or during the summer.

Older plants fertilizing once a month.

Pipe time before the onset of cold and dry tussock necessarily. Otherwise, we may perish. Must prezimuva of light at a temperature of 10 to 16 degrees and less watering. If it is necessary replanted in the spring with garden soil with sand and perlite.

Diseases and pests:
In the attack of parasites, recourse to biological insecticides only if measures are not helpful, because all Crassulaceae react very badly to certain chemicals.

Propagated by leafy heads or individual leaves. The leaves are left for reproduction 1-2 days to dry and then placed in a mixture of clay and sand (1:1).

warm sunny place   family crassulaceae   garden soil   irrigation water   atropurpureum   
Category: Cacti

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warm sunny place   family crassulaceae   garden soil   irrigation water   atropurpureum   

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