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Agaricus campestre

Category: Mushrooms

21 Jun : 13:52

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agaricus_campestre_4.jpgWant to bring home a full basket of fragrant and delicious Polish mushrooms, you must crawl poutapkanite the cattle pastures and meadows, to end naminete old Tory to search enriched with manure and left to rest fields. Polish mushrooms can be found in high pastures in the mountains. But only where it is often wandering animals, especially horses and cows.

At such places dung Polish mushrooms appear in April-May, as soon as the sun warmed the soil, a good rain it gets wet. They appear above ground as a small white balls of walnut. And then only for a few hours-edryavat and soon became a beautiful mushroom cap and foot.

Polish Shiitake mushroom is a popular, extremely widespread throughout the country, but not ubiquitous. I gabarskiyat season starts in May - June, will find it most often near the old Tory pladnishtata in herds on pastures around the places where animals camped in the summer. You will see it in fields and gardens, fertilizing with manure, along roads and paths, which regularly passes cattle. And I know it very easily. In the beginning, when just showed above the ground, it is cumulus cap, like a white ball, less than walnut. Later, we see it now polukalbesta, then grow as completely flat and it reaches a diameter of 5 to 12 cm Above it is smooth and white or pale brown with numerous small drag from gray-brown flakes, but it is always dry. Sissy never sticky. The most reliable sign by which it can be recognized unmistakably Polish mushroom is the color of the plates on the underside of the cap her almost as soon as the fungus appears above ground, although it is more globular suite, plates are already formed and had acquired a faint pink color. Solutions you cap, plates quickly began to darken. They become light-pink by russet (in so many parts of the country is called the Polish mushroom bullfinch), and finally - tamnoshokoladovokafyavi to black-brown.

Other name: Eurasian Bullfinch

Scars - Agaricus campestre

In most cases, solid, width 3 to 10 cm at first she was tapering off, and later became slightly diluted, but rounded, and when fully ripe mushroom - very open. She is white, often opaque white, and sometimes gleamed yellow. Is covered by scales, which slightly turning brown. Its periphery is wrapped with a slightly torn remnants of the zipper.

White and healthy. Later he became a light pink and orange yellow hue.

Broad, free, young population almost pink, in an aging shokoladovokafyavi sponge.

Extended Spore print is brown black.

Initially tight, no more than 3 to 7 cm uniformly thick, the bottom suddenly pointed. It is white to pale pink (sometimes gleamed yellow) and in aging mushroom - darker. Bears white, narrow and thin ring. Qualities - well-known, widely consumed because of the delicious meat.

Can be found even in the second half of May, but its mass appearance in June - July. It is autumn and the end of October. It is found mostly in meadows, egretsite, enriched locations in gardens, but rarely the forest. During periods zasushlivi not, occurs after the first rain but very fast growing early in the morning and are picked after the removal of dew.

In addition to our Polish mushroom found several types of mushrooms. On outskirts of deciduous and coniferous forests growing white forest meadow mushroom. Its meat is also white, and smells strongly of anise. And in themselves and in the deciduous forests are coniferous forest meets purple mushroom. Its meat is purple, but the taste is nice and pretty saturated with mushroom flavor. And these two types of mushrooms are excellent to eat. So do not be afraid that it can not go wrong with them Polish mushroom. Will only be uncomfortable, if you encounter a carbolic mushroom. It not only from the mushroom is eaten, but easily released by the strong smell of carbon, which emits, when broke, especially the stalk.

A mushroom can be confused with other fungi is impossible. Suffice it to look underneath the cap and see it with a gentle pink or shokoladovokafyavi plates.

It may be mixed with the Polish Sarnela Lepiota naucina, but not fatal - it is delicious and edible fungus. Fatal is mixing it with white, yellow and even green angel.

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Category: Mushrooms

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shiitake mushroom   mushroom cap   good rain   color solutions   bullfinch   

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