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21 Jun : 14:24

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amanita_muscariamgw-03.jpgFungi consist of two parts: spawn (gabichina) and the fruit body. Mitselat represent many thin filaments called hyphae that penetrate into the growing medium (substrate). Propagated through spori.Edna fungi form part of a solid with different size cells of fruit above ground, some of which serve as food for humans. In other fungi (elementary) visible form of development is only mitselat. In them the fruit bodies are small, almost invisible to the naked eye nadebeleni endings of hyphae, which are formed on sporoobrazuvashtite authorities. Mitselat these fungi was observed on aging of bread and other food products.

The fruit body of higher fungi consists of a stalk (stump) and cap. The underside of the hat usually develops sporoobrazuvasht layer.
In many species of fungi young fruit corpuscle is wrapped with one or two sheets (marigold).
Shape and color of fruit body construction and location of sporoobrazuvashtiya layer, the availability of one or two sheets and the way they are tearing the main external signs of making classifications and identification of fungi.

Stalk is most often cylindrical, but in many fungi, it is thickening bulb and some is reduced and is barely noticeable.

Hat, hood called a different form - chadarchesta, conical, globe, etc. funievidna.

However, there are mushrooms and other forms of the fruit body. For example truffles and form lumps topkovidno saccate fruit and body, but it koralka sponge in the form of a branched shrub.

The hat is covered with false fabric, leather or wax-like formations in the fruit. It is different colored - white, red, yellow, orange, green, brown or purple with all shades of these colors.
The meat is usually white but sometimes contain dyes. In udar, injury or breaking its color changes in dark green or acquires a dark color. However, in castaneus white meat does not change its color, but only in species Boletus sdulis (real castaneus). In all other types of castaneus (fiery, diabolical, sinakvitsa, Dansk, scabrum, etc.) or very little meat changes its color to white sinkavocheren different shades depending on the sponge.
The fruit body of some mushrooms, fungi such as thrush or breaking when pressure discharge whitish or orange liquid (white thrush and rizhinkata).

The underside of the cap is usually located himenialniyat (spoloobrazuvashtiyat) layer. The device is different: plates called lamellae, tubes, needles and others. In plastinchestite fungi (mushrooms, oreades, panchushki etc.). Nadeleni these plates are at the foot. In trabestite mushrooms (luteus, castaneus, etc..) Porous tubes formed tissue and sporoobrazuvashtiyat layer develops inside the tube. In needle mushrooms (sarnenkata and grove) sporoobrazuvashtiyat layer develops on iglopodobni processes.

Up the Volvo is the first cover and fully encloses the foot and hat so that the sponge. When they grow up, Volvo is torn, one part of it remains at the base of the stalk in the form of torn wrapping Leatherback (eg red angel), or again as an egg shell (with sponge bride), etc. The other part of sticking up the Volvo in as a hat or partsalcheta bradavichki.

Appendage is the second cover part and joining the periphery of the cap to the stalk, covering himenialniya layer. Shortly before the maturation of spores in this layer of the veil is torn, leaving the form of a ring around the stalk and shred around the edge of the pot.

Young lamellae in the porous tissue with freshly torn veil have a lighter color and darker after aging. Distracted them from white, gray, violet, black or another color with a microscopic, invisible to the naked eye powder - the spores. Their dimensions are within 2, 5, 11 or more microns in length and average 2, 3, 5 microns in width.

thin filaments   size cells   fruit body   external signs   fruit bodies   
Category: Specialist advice

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thin filaments   size cells   fruit body   external signs   fruit bodies   

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