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Rhipsalidopsis x graeseri

Category: Cacti

11 Jul : 16:55

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Speedwell (Veronica) is a plant genus of the family Zhivenichevi (Scrophulariaceae). In our country meet between 40 and 50 species, depending on the taxonomic concept (some species are separated into a separate genus Pseudolysimachion).

The genus includes our annual and perennial herbaceous plants and small bushes. Species of the genus are distributed throughout the country - some are found at sea level, others - in fields and forests, and the third - the highest mountain is a popular medical varhove.Osobeno speedwell (Veronica officinalis). To a perennial herb distributed throughout deciduous and coniferous gori.Za medical purposes is used over-ground part (infusions).

The name of the plant comes from a time when it normally bloom - April - May when it is celebrated and Easter. Its leaves are flat and short, irregularly shaped. She loves the warm and humid climate. Blooms in bright red to purple.

Regularly watered with rainwater or filtered water, but should not hold moisture in the pot. Tori is a special fertilizer for cacti from March to June. In May, should be placed on polusenchesto place in August and need more space and more warm water. In winter it should be watered frequently and stand in a cool place. In early spring is imported back into a warm room.

Perfect place for it would be a window, but it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The premises must ensure good air ventilation. The temperature during the warm seasons should not be more than 20 degrees and winter - at least 10, otherwise growth will stop.

Place through the limb on which they were killed roots and be planted in suitable soil Cactus.

plant genus   veronica officinalis   air ventilation   suitable soil   humid climate   
Category: Cacti

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plant genus   veronica officinalis   air ventilation   suitable soil   humid climate   

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