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Trachycarpus fortunei

Category: Palms

14 Jul : 13:18

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It is also called Chinese hemp palm. In Europe it is much loved and often cultivated species.

Trahikarpusat is the most sustainable of all the palm trees grown in pots and large containers. For a short time she tolerated temperatures up to -16 CO. It is planted in the open meeting, even in our places of nevetroviti. Old specimens in flower and bear fruit even. Trahikarpusat is part of the landscape in southern England, southern Switzerland, near the lakes in northern Italy, on the southern Atlantic coast and the Côte d'Azur. In a large bowl, it reaches a height of 2.4 m, forms a solid fiber trunk with almost round leaves on cirrus blestyashtozeleni 40-90 cm long stalks. Trunk for a year increased by only a few centimeters.

Flowering period: Summer.

Family: Arecaceae, palm.

Origin: Burma, Central and East China and Japan. There it grows in mountain forests, where snow sometimes, and no special claim to the soil.

Mestorastene: Old copies of sunshine, and a young polusenchesto.

Substrate: Optimal soil or clay TKS 2 with garden soil and sand.

Irrigation, fertilization: In the period of growth is maintained and moderately humid August natoryava weekly doses reduced.

Hibernation: Retractable later removed as brown leaves. The dark at 0-5 degrees (or in bright room). Pour a little in order not to rot the core. In the bitter cold days are not ventilated! Transplant in the spring, but only if tuff push out of court. Acclimate to the light of polusenchesto place otherwise easily burned by the sun.

Pests, Diseases: Rare. Mites, Scale insects, fungi.

Breeding: Throughout the year by seed.

Tips for Design: Soliterno plant, which reaches a diameter of 2,5 m

seed tips   scale insects   mountain forests   garden soil   southern switzerland   
Category: Palms

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seed tips   scale insects   mountain forests   garden soil   southern switzerland   

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