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16 Jul : 12:28

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Mrazovts ordinary (Latin Colchicum autumnale), also known as autumn crocus or karpikozhuh is a perennial plant forming a small flowering bulb, the family Colchicaceae, which has nothing to do with Saffron crocuses, which are the family Iridaceae. As its name indicates, blooms in autumn and its color much like the crocus. Unlike the crocus is poisonous. Distinguished easily from Saffron crocuses in that its colors are six stamens (in Saffron crocuses are three) and its leaves are much bigger and broader than those of the crocus.

The leaves grow in spring and early summer. They have the smell of garlic that naponyashta. The leaves die before flowering plant. From one bulb to develop several colors - up to 6-7. Plants of this kind come from Europe and Western Asia. Karpikozhuhat grows in mountain meadows and pastures. In Bulgaria, occurs in all the mountains and mountain areas.

The genus name comes from Colchis - the country in which, according Dioskorid plant is located in the largest quantity. The genus includes about 30 species, but is found in our local species Colchicum autumnale, the meadows spread across the country.

Plant tubers are similar to bulbs. The leaves emerge in spring, they are 3 to 6 sharp, 25-30 cm long to have blooms of 6 notes, connate in the form of a tube and one or more dyed light pink or rozovolilavo, but also occur varieties with other colors: Colchicum autumnale flor. albis - with white flowers, C. a.flor. purpureus - purple with flowers, Ca flor. variegates - colored flowers.

Colchicum has long been used in medical purposes. Cultivated and e is one of the few bulbs that bloom in autumn.

Prefers deep, but moist and sandy soil, outdoor and shady place.

Colchicum Krassy autumn weather, and some varieties and even in early spring, snow-covered meadows and mountains of lesoparkovete. It is very suitable for zatsvetyavane ladshaftnite parts of the parks, planted in groups or individually, either alone or in combination with the bush groups.

Propagated through seeds and bulbs. The bulbs are removed in July, is cleaned and planted in early September at a depth of 6.8 cm and 7.8 cm distance seeds are sown in early spring light and permeable soil. Extracted from seeds of plants flowering after 3 years.

colchicum autumnale   autumn   
Category: Bulbs and tubers

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colchicum autumnale   autumn   

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