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19 Jul : 10:08

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oroya.jpgDark green fleshy cactus with a diameter of 25 centimeters to be studded with light brown, reddish to black spines. Tsavti mnogogobroyni with small pink or red-yellow colors of maize.

Spring Water sparingly once every 20 days and in winter the water limit to zero. No need for nourishment. To use the Cactus replanting soil mixture with a mineral substrate and good permeability.

From May to September this cactus needs a warm, sunny place and airtight. In the summer he put on his balcony and provide direct sunshine. From October to April oroyata needs a cool, bright place with a temperature of 5.10 * C

Razmnozhavanteo is cherz individual shoots or cuttings to be placed in Cactus soil mix with good drainage.

During their growth in room temperature should not drop below 20 * C. Once a week nourished by minerals.

warm sunny place   soil mixture   soil mix   yellow colors   water limit   
Category: Cacti

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warm sunny place   soil mixture   soil mix   yellow colors   water limit   

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