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Cleistocactus strausii

Category: Cacti

19 Jul : 10:45

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cleistocactus_strausii_flow.jpgSilver copy a group of slender cylindrical stems reaching a height of 3 meters and a diameter of 6 cm thick stems are dotted with thin, gray-white spines. Blooms in early spring, red and orange. Blooms are arranged horizontally and are issued from the base of bodlichkite.
With the approach of the growing season, watering should be more frequent. Between April and June as humidity and the amount of water increased by only watering with lukewarm water, and then - when already dry soil.
In the middle of summer watering is diluted, then mid-October, the soil is left almost constantly dry as it is poured as much water as not to grant the stem. Unlike other cacti cactus loves this summer dew, which helps maintain its humidity. Tory once a month during the warm season with nutrients high in potassium carbonate.

Home of this type are kakus semi-arid areas of America, so well lit south-facing is an excellent place to raise him. During the hot season, however, it is better to find him polusyanka.
By seed and cuttings, while messages breeding is not always successful. Cover the seed capsules to protect the ripening seed fall. Leave kasulite to ripen completely, then carefully seberete seed. Seeds themselves should be properly cleaned and dried to germinate successfully.

orange blooms   potassium carbonate   dry soil   summer dew   seed capsules   
Category: Cacti

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orange blooms   potassium carbonate   dry soil   summer dew   seed capsules   

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