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Agave americana

Category: Cacti

19 Jul : 10:55

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agave_picta.jpgUntil the emergence of 8-foot truss go 30-40 years. Then the plant dies, while he has secured his rich offspring. In addition to pure green species has varieties kremavobeli or yellow stripes, or bands such as the edge of the leaves. Even in a large bowl thick fleshy leaves can reach a length exceeding one meter.

In addition to widespread green type, and meet a variety with yellow stripes or kremavobeli. Its leaves are fleshy and juicy, and the end is pointed like needles. Color is pale green with yellow stripes on the edge and red tops. The main plant species are Agave bovicornuta and Agave parryi. The first is a native of Mexico and is two times less than its more popular sibling.

Grow in a mixture of clay garden soil and sand. Need is of a very large pot and sun. Transplant is the spring every 4 years. Moderate watering.
Native to Mexico, grows in the tropics, subtropics and Mediterranean. Slantselyubivo and moisture-loving. Step with home-grown, because he loves big spaces.
Is propagated by seed and by root cuttings small. Shoots are cut remains to pozasahne cut-off and planted in sandy soil.
Substrate: Mixture of 2 parts clay garden soil and 1 part optimum soil and sand.
Irrigation, fertilization: Moderate watering. In the period of growth is fueled, at most 1-2 times a fertilizer for cacti. Frequent feeding leads to excessive growth.
Other care: None.
Winter: The light at 5 "C. When necessary, transplant in spring.
Pests, Diseases: Scale insects and mealy-bug psevdokoktsidi.
Tips for Design: Soliterno plant.
Warning: Long leaf finish with hard and sharp as a needle peaks, which can severely injure yourself. Therefore, when harvesting and removing the tops of the leaves are placed corks. If space is limited or children playing around, it is better to be deprived of this kind of agave.

yellow stripes   agave americana   scale insects   garden soil   red tops   
Category: Cacti

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yellow stripes   agave americana   scale insects   garden soil   red tops   

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