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Category: Decorative flowering

20 Jul : 16:33

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alpinia.jpgAlps is a rare ornamental plant, with green and white, tall and colorful leaves. Growing in the home is extremely difficult. The leaves of the Alps can not develop in all its splendor in captivity, so you may encounter picturesque plant in botanical gardens. Some of the species grown under such conditions, reaching a height of 2 meters.

Blooms in summer with white flowers, red petals concealed.

To grow this plant needs a few specific conditions: a lot of sun, very light, no drafts, high humidity and year-round temperature of 20 degrees. Alpina needs water in abundance. It must be dressed every week, not to stop her growth for replanting using homogeneous soil humus and peat for extra nourishment. Alpina is advisable to nourish in pots, which is filled with moist peat. Be propagated by division.

soil humus   red petals   high humidity   alpinia   white flowers   
Category: Decorative flowering

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soil humus   red petals   high humidity   alpinia   white flowers   

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