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Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

20 Jul : 17:07

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amaranth.jpgAmaranth is a herbaceous plant species with beautiful colors in the red range. The name comes from the Greek word amarantos, which means "not dying". Its leaves are thin, light green, growing the meter height around the crown. Razlistva strongly in color from purple to golden in burgundy red. Known for more than 60 subspecies.

Care: Amaranth does not require special care - it is easily adaptable to different soil type. Due to its toplolyubivost is needed 7-8 hours per day of direct sunlight, so the summer is good to be exported to the terrace. Young plants to transplant each year in larger pots and older - 2 - 3 years in lower and wider vessels to allow space for the crown.
Място: Родината на Амаранта е Мексико. Meeting of warm and sunny places. Cultivated for the first time in Mexico City, which was used as a spice because of the many nutrients in their blooms. Later spread in Europe and North America.
Propagation: propagated through seeds. Seeding should be done in moist soil enriched with minerals. The place must be of direct sunlight to grow quickly and strongly. If you choose to do so ROOM plant, it is necessary to do every summer on the terrace and export it with nourishing minerals.

time in mexico city   moist soil   meter height   soil type   beautiful colors   
Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

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time in mexico city   moist soil   meter height   soil type   beautiful colors   

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