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Anigozanthos flavidos

Category: Decorative flowering

20 Jul : 17:31

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anigozanthos.jpgPopular name: Kungurovo flower.
Latin name: Anigozanthos flavidos.
Rodina: Naturally Australia.
Family: Haemodoraceae
Leaves: very slender and graceful - this definition is the favorite of professionals when it comes to describe the leaves of this plant. And frankly they have.
Colors and blooms: The name of green colors come from. They are bristly and resemble the paws of a kangaroo. Rozovocherveno dyed in yellow or green. The plant normally blooms in early summer.
Location: In the choice is no great philosophy. The place should be light but protected from direct sunlight.

Anigosantusat is exotic and mossy colors that resemble the paws of a kangaroo. Kenguruvoto rozovocherven has a pleasant flower or leaf shade. The leaves are also bristly so as bledorezedava tone colors. The shape is very elegant. Blooms in summer.

Soil: In shops selling ready-made mixes. But if you yourself pull the soil, then note that you must bet on acid-humus soil. Which is not easy, so trust the sellers.
Irrigation: The plant likes water, so no expensive boldly irrigation, when the outside gets hot. It is preferable that this be done with filtered water, as though it comes to exotic stranger. In cold weather the need for water decreases sharply, which means limited quantities. But do not stop watering. Soil around the root in any case should not run dry!
Fertilizing: The best in the growing season, with a liquid fertilizer that is added to water for irrigation.
Dormancy: In the winter the flower loves to sit in a cool place. Which does not mean cold. Temperatures below 10 degrees are not welcome. In the summer do prefer fresh air, so directly exported pot on the balcony or yard, subject to site selection.
Is propagated by seed or by cuttings in the top of the soil temperature around 20 C.

elegant blooms   humus soil   liquid fertilizer   green colors   soil temperature   
Category: Decorative flowering

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elegant blooms   humus soil   liquid fertilizer   green colors   soil temperature   

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