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Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

06 Jul : 08:14

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acanthus1.jpgBizarre huge perennial plants, valued for his broad, often convoluted and tapered main sheet. Form dense tufts of which go hooded, often two-colored flowers in summer. Commonly used to hedge or along paths. They have great food for snails.
Akantusatne require special care - easily adaptable f. love the light as best it reflects afternoon shade in the hot room. Watering should be moderate to occasionally. Resist to -18 * C.

Grows in the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Avoid planting them in places with limited space or where there are planted small, more delicate plants that they will prevail. Love the wide areas and gray shadows.
Planting time is the months between March and May. Be propagated by cuttings, they are killed roots and be planted in sandy soil. Pour a little on a regular basis, while grow to 5-6 cm young shoots sprout a month.

delicate plants   gray shadows   sandy soil   perennial plants   colored flowers   
Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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delicate plants   gray shadows   sandy soil   perennial plants   colored flowers   

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