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Achillea Millefolium

Category: Herbs and spices

24 Jul : 10:48

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achillea.jpgPriosnovnite leaves are long stalk, stem - seated. On top of the stem colored baskets were collected in a thick shield. Each basket consists of 5 peripheral white colors and clamp 3 to 10, tan, trabesti. Encloses the pads of keremidopodobno baskets are ordered, the edge, are scaly, reddish, and in the middle - green. It flowers from June to September. Perennial herb with creeping underground shoots with the right, unbranched stem, with consistent lantsetni, double or triple Perez cut leaves.
Representative of the genus Achillea.
Perennial plant with long thin stems and small, white flowers, arranged in large flat clusters. The leaves are curled and aromatic, covered with hairs.
Blooms late spring and summer.
In the wild state is found in Europe and Asia, meadows.

Remedial purpose, use colored baskets (Flores Millefolii) and the surface part (Herba Millefolii), cut 15-20 cm from the top.
Ingredients: in above-ground portion contains from 0,20 to 0.50 percent essential oil, whose main ingredient is hamazulenat (50%) formed by the bitter seskviterpenov matritsin lactone (0,05-0,10%) distillation plant with water vapor. Furthermore hamazulen essential oil contains α-seskviterpena kariofilen and other mono-and bitsiklichni terpeni: α - and β-pinene, tsienol, Thujone, camphor, borneol, complex esters. Herb contains bitter substances ahilein, tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids luteolin-7-glycosides, organic acids, vitamin C and K, asparagine, nitrate and others.
Grass grows in areas near the roads, meadows, between the bushes across the country and over 1000 m altitude.
Deystvie.za possesses anti-inflammatory treatment of fever. Improves blood circulation, helps to lower blood pressure. Used to treat wounds with internal and external bleeding in hemoroidi.Ima a refreshing and analgesic action. Directions for use - Prepare infusions, and 15 g herb to ositnena Bay with 200 cm3 of boiling water. Once cool, drink infusions of 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times daily. It can be done gargle for bleeding gums, inflammation of the mouth and others. Infusions should be administered over 1-2 weeks to obtain better therapeutic deystvie.Ne requires much care. Watering is umerenoRaste tufts of the sun or polusyanka and requires well-draining soil is. Razsprostira very aggressively.
It is suitable for grass, a bed of spices, for cut flowers and izsushavane.Razmnozhavane: By seed or division in spring.

achillea millefolium   herba   
Category: Herbs and spices

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achillea millefolium   herba   

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