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Category: Decorative flowering

26 Jul : 12:05

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dissotis.jpgDisotis herbaceous climber was killed by green oval leaves. It is suitable for wet rooms and in summer with obkichva rozovocherveni cupped flowers.
The flower does not pass the stationary phase and therefore throughout the year with moderate pour warm water and orosyava. From April to September fertilizing it regularly with a dry fertilizer. In February, should be replanted in low containers with garden soil.
Loves light and moist areas. In the summer should be delivered in the fresh air, but it regularly sprayed with water to give him the necessary humidity. In winter, bring him into the room, for it is most suitable bathroom or other wet room.

Be propagated in spring by seeds or by cuttings. For that purpose, a soil temperature of 20 * C and high humidity.
To obtain a compact growth semenachetata must often be okastryat.

dry fertilizer   cupped flowers   garden soil   soil temperature   high humidity   
Category: Decorative flowering

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dry fertilizer   cupped flowers   garden soil   soil temperature   high humidity   

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