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28 Jul : 16:39

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The design of the garden greenery, is built of several types of plant communities. In the optimal placement of ornamental vegetation largely lies the key to creating a beautiful garden. Placement of plants in specific combinations organize space and shows the taste of the owner. We believe in a yard should be above all the sun, air, space, comfort, tranquility, peace, beauty, elegance, style and life. The rest is vanity.

browallia3.jpgTrees may be planted in larger patches, called arrays. Within an array of trees may have only one species of one type or of different plant types. Arrays provide a powerful green and largely determine the structure of plant volume in the garden. Arrays are large area and are suitable for large yards and yards with lesoparkov character: villas, cottages, farms.
Ornamental tree, shrub groups are the main structural elements of the garden greenery. It consists of several (3-9) trees of different species and several (7-15) flowering and evergreen shrubs. Although each tree, shrub group has its own decorative effect, they must be subordinate to the main idea of the design.

Some very exotic and interesting trees or shrubs may be planted separately so as to affect a particular strong decorative qualities. Soliterite be planted so as to attract attention and be able to contemplate from different viewpoints. Soliterite be regarded as accents in the concept of design.
Hedges or fences duplicated within yards of the property. Hedges can be created from many types of shrubs and trees in the process of maintenance can be shaped as geometrically svobodnorastyasht or severely cropped.
Color groups merged into larger patches more than a few flowers (3-7) species. The combination of flowers with different colors and sizes is to create powerful bagrovi accents the yard green.
Colored figures follow a geometrization style and are suitable for formal or large backyards. In colorful figures involved in low and uniform flowers in various colors.
Rocky places are constructed to create conditions for the growth of specific groups of small bushes and flowers suitable for combinations with a rock. In places the rock can find a place sukulenti, cacti, alpine flowers and low bushes.
Imported aquatic life and surface dynamics in the yard. Water is a strong decorative element. Construction of surface water enriches the spirit of the garden and creates a specific mikriklimat.
Garden furniture is situate both paved and is involved in spatial volume-building yard. The style of furniture should be consistent with the overall design of the yard.
Garden lighting garden design enriches and enhances its decorative effect. Lighting is intended only to highlight the impressive qualities of the garden, rather than illuminate them.
The decoration of garden design idea completes and complements the style of the yard. The decoration consists of whimsical jewelry yards, which should not overdo, to preserve the elegance and coziness of the space.

Wood arrays: Arrays are planted in the spacious courtyards. They aim to build a massive amount of green yard space to structure the types of spaces. Arrays are built along the edge of the yard in the lesoparkovite parts and in places where there is at least move and visit. The trees that make up the array must be lasting, beautiful and neutral decorative qualities to make a dense green mass without further details and accents. Suitable for planting in an array are almost all natural forms of deciduous and coniferous trees, except in rare and exotic species.

Tree-shrub groups: bush wood-structure groups are the main elements of the yard. Through these separate types of spaces constructed the skeleton of the garden greenery and interesting spots are formed, accents and visual tricks. In the tree-bush groups are interesting and original planted trees and shrubs in the combination of which achieves high artistic effect. Groups can also be simple, composed of species with moderate vazeeystvie when the goal is to mark the parameters of the yard. Typically, one group has several tall trees, one or two lower and a few bushes to make the transition from high to low vegetation. Should be avoided arranging several highly ornamental species within the group. Volume group is composed of simple types and accents - exotic and rare trees and shrubs.

Soliteri: In every yard and garden are planted at least one extremely rare and exotic plant with superb decorative qualities called soliter. Soliterite are leading green accents in the garden and they must determine a special place in the composition of vegetation. They should be easily seen to be planted in the open and self-location and influence throughout the season with a rotation of its decorative qualities. Soliteri be selected for plants with strong artistic radiation, but against the backdrop of a colorful garden soliter can be quite simple tree or shrub that will contrast with other plants. Soliter may be a plant with interesting and strange shape of the crown, particularly color of the leaves, flower interesting, spectacular autumn color, original or interesting fruit peel. Soliterite must be one, two or three across the yard to be really accents and create a steady balance between them and other vegetation.

Hedges: hedges are constructed by evergreen or deciduous shrubs and greenery create a uniform linear along buildings, fences and pavements. If you get a haircut in the geometrization forms hedgerows affect more severely, whereas if left to grow freely, build soft foliage. Trimmed hedges are planted mainly of evergreen shrubs and trees, while growing freely are more suitable deciduous flowering shrubs. Higher hedges called 'living wall', are formed by large shrubs and even trees. Hedge aggregate term is of the type of cultivation and maintenance of plants, but is not synonymous with a particular plant species.

Color groups: groups Colorful accents create powerful bagrovi the yard green. Planted separately or as islands are home to tree-bush groups. Within a color group must have several types of flowers with different height and color planted on okrupneni spots. It is the individual plants bloom to rotate, this decorative effect extends and enriches the group dynamics of yard space. Color groups can be constructed on a thematic basis: botanical origin, origin, historical reference, a style in art, application and use. Good color groups are composed equally of perennial, seasonal flowers and bulbs.

Color figures: Color figures objects are carpets of the same size flowers with different colors of leaves and flowers. Colorful shapes and objects are extremely strict bagrovi powerful accents appropriate for both formal and luxurious courtyards. Set to open and spacious garden areas so as to influence strongly. In the color figure there must be several species of flowers in large patches geometrization. The use of many species is undesirable. In the color figure must be symmetrical, geometric logic and specifics. Colorful pieces require regular care to keep in perfect shape.

Rocky places: Rock corners are specialized themed spots featuring stone and vegetation. The arrangement of stones in the rocky corner to resemble a natural rocky or mountainous landscape, within which are planted thematically driven types of plants: shrubs and small trees, perennial flowers, alpine flowers and cacti sukulenti. The yard should be only one rock playground, which is an interesting decorative accent. Rocks must be of the same breed of rock, with a preference for the more interesting and mysterious forms.

Water areas: waters bring life and dynamism in the yard. Water area for a large yard average is up to 20 square meters to form a separate thematic corner without natezhava composition of the yard. Water area can be combined with a small artificial cascade or burn to increase the dynamics of the garden. In the construction of surface water must comply with all construction specifics. To help maintain the garden pond, make sure insulation system and forced drainage. Around the water area is planted plants need moist air and large ornamental grass tufts.

Garden Furniture: Garden furniture provides comfort in the yard and formed special places with more intensive visits. The massive garden furniture - pergola and arbor, architectural objects are structures that need to be designed and built independently. Others - benches, tables, chairs and swings are placed in predetermined sites. The furniture should complement the style and composition of the garden and are constructed of identical materials. The wooden furniture is preferable to plastic and wrought iron.

Garden Lighting: Garden Lighting aims only to highlight the emphasis yards interesting elements: architecture, pavement, vegetation, furniture. Strengths and high lighting fixtures are suitable for the situation around the building in the front yard. In the remaining yard shall be placed lower bodies with a soft, low light conditions. Garden lighting is built on a preliminary draft after the completion of construction activities on the building before laying the flooring.

Ornaments in the garden: Garden decoration is a decorative element in the last building yard. The decoration consists of whimsical garden jewels that complement the basic idea. Landscape are the individual artistic ornaments: sculpture, fountain, well, cock, bird houses, lanterns, water jugs with flowers, wheels of carts. In any case, the decoration can not be considered dwarf or small garden wheelbarrow, filled with flowers. With the landscape must be carefully and act on a "better one by less than a more".

shrubs and trees   types of shrubs   decorative qualities   evergreen shrubs   colorful figures   
Category: Specialist advice

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shrubs and trees   types of shrubs   decorative qualities   evergreen shrubs   colorful figures   

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