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Category: Decorative flowering

12 Feb : 13:09

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114684.JPG 2160628140088728547kqMDRX_fs.jpg 800px-Tradescantia_albiflora_(fluminensis).jpg 83829728KvzqjD_fs.jpg Rhoeo_Tradescantia_spathacea.jpg tradescantia-pallida.jpg tradescantia.jpg Tradescantia040516.jpg Tradescantia1.jpg Tradescantia_Andersoniana_Group__Osprey_.JPG TRADESCANTIA_AZUL_0360.JPG Tradescantia_ernestiana.jpg tradescantia_ernestiana1.jpg Tradescantia_gigantea_flowercloseup.jpg Tradescantia_pallida800a.jpg Tradescantia_ZebrinaFullsize.jpg Tradescantia__Snowcap_.jpg

tradescantia1.jpgOriginates from tropical areas of North America. There are about 90 species. The name "tradeskantsiya" appears in the XVIII century. It is named after the English gardener John Tradeskant who has lived in the early XVII century. He founded one of the first botanical gardens and the National History Museum in London. He was a gardener of the Duke of Buckingham.

If you look closely at raztenieto will be able to see that in a long stem, densely covered with leaves, they are so interrelated that it is difficult to separate from one another and is difficult to find the beginning or end of a branch. Leaves in older plants reach a length of 7 - 8 cm in the wild these plants are almost never grown on trees. They pochvopokrivni. Very quickly cover new areas with Widespread and root stalks. Love the rich fertile soil.

In indoor conditions can be used to fill large pots with other plants.

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